Ring Finger Sizing Kit
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Finger Sizing Kit
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Need to know your ring finger size?
Get this ring sizing kit mailed out to you for only $2.99 - shipping included!

For Free Domestic Shipping, please select the Sizer Kit US Mail option at checkout.

International postage rates vary. Receive a $25 COUPON enclosed with your plastic ring sizer package.

Instructions on using the sizer: Before you place a ring order, it's important that you figure out your exact ring size to ensure a comfortable, secure fit. This free Ring Sizing Kit is mailed to you for just a few dollars of shipping costs for U.S. orders. When sizing your finger using this kit, you want to ensure that there is some resistance so that your ring is not sized too large. A tight but not too tight fit is best. We always recommend erring on the smaller (tighter) side to avoid the common mistake of ordering too large. All of our rings are comfort fit, so you can expect a slightly looser fit. Watch our sizing video below for more detailed information on how to use this ring sizer to get an accurate reading. Order your free ring sizer by mail today from Titanium Jewelry.

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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 47 reviews)

By Phoenix on Wed, 12 Dec 2012
I suggest that you only use this ring sizer for products from titanium jewelry products. I compared it to 2 different ring sizers and they were all different. I have to believe that each company knows how their sizers match their own rings. I give it a 5 star at this time because titanium jewelry offers this at a low price with a free shipping option specifically for their rings.

By Z on Sat, 20 Oct 2012
If you have never quite known the correct ring size or have different results w/different jewelers, then seriously, just pay the 3 bucks to get this as you'll have peace of mind that you're ordering the correct size of ring. Remember, titanium can't be resized so it's important to know your correct size. I've not yet ordered my ring, but at least now I know what size ALL of my fingers are. Totally worth it.

By Amy on Fri, 7 Sep 2012
Ring fitters were easy to use. We can't wait to receive the rings we ordered from TJ.

By Jeff from Wisconsin on Wed, 1 Aug 2012
Okay, forget the pros and cons stuff above: This is a ring sizing kit and not a $4000 wedding band! Unless you have some other means of sizing your finger, you really need one of these. I have yet to receive the ring I ordered after using these so I can't attest to their accuracy, however, I really don't think there will be much of a problem. The addition of a $25 off coupon for future orders makes this a no brainer.

By Tungsten Fan on Wed, 9 May 2012
Used this to size my wife's and my classico tungsten carbide rings. When they came in the mail, they fit perfectly! Great job!

By Khaleesi on Sun, 15 Apr 2012
Handy thing to have around!

By Peg on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
This did what it needed to do. It was nice to have it delivered instead of going to a store and having consultants question you for the fit. I know how a ring fits to be comfortable; I have many. But my ring size had changed recently and because of titanium rings, I wanted to be 100% sure of the size.

By Ring Sizer In The Night on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
What's there to say about a lowly sizing kit? It gets the job done, very useful if you want to check size but don't want to ruin the surprise... Sneak out of the bedroom at night, tiptoe to the jewlery case and compare existing ring size with the openings in sizing kit. Get back to bed quietly. If challenged say something about being hungry and grabbing a bite to eat. Endure short lecture how you're already fat enough and you shouldn't eat in the middle of the night. Remind yourself it will be worth it when you see the look in his/her eyes upon seeing the ring you've purchased thanks to this lowly, but very useful sizing kit.

By Michelle on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
the ring i purchase was awesome and has been very durable hope the marrage last as long as the ring does..... laughing ;) just kidding.

By Seiha on Sun, 23 Oct 2011
The ring sizer kit is good. Each breaks off and is a pretty sturdy plastic. Additionally you get a nice $25 coupon.
COMMENT: Hopefully to avoid sizing problems! by Donald C 8/25/2016
COMMENT: before I drop a serious dime on something nice, I want to be sure I have the perfect fit. 12 seems about right but I don't want to spend $350+ on something that ultimately doesn't fit well. by Michael C 7/20/2016
COMMENT: I am looking at buying a ring and need to know my finger size by D K 6/16/2015
COMMENT: in preparation for ordering a ring so we get the right size. by Bruce R 5/11/2015
COMMENT: to make sure I get the correct fit when I purchase my ring by Kathleen W 5/1/2015
COMMENT: Need to find ring size for my wife by matching to my sister. by Carl B 12/7/2014
COMMENT: I wanted to be able to size mine and my GF's fingers for future purchases. by Andres C 1/26/2014
COMMENT: the first time i ordered a ring online, i used a print out ring sizer and even after reading the warnings about printer scaling and using a ruler to check the scale, i still messed it up. this fixes the problem AND you can wear a plastic ring for hours to see how it feels after a time, instead of just a few seconds by Michael D 12/16/2013
COMMENT: because my partner and i are going to order matching rigs and we wanted the right size!!! by michael g 9/20/2013
COMMENT: it was easy to fill out by John M 6/15/2013
COMMENT: To get the right size by Richard N 6/12/2013
COMMENT: Needed to know my fiance's and my own ring size, in order to purchase a ring from your website. by Andrew B 4/22/2013
COMMENT: Necessary Item! by Mike M 4/9/2013
COMMENT: resize my ring by Anthony V 2/23/2013
COMMENT: Most helpful! by K E 2/22/2013
COMMENT: if the ring happens to be smaller or larger than the expected size, I'll be able to easily check the size to send back the ring for resizing. by Egor G 2/11/2013
COMMENT: To assure proper ring finger size prior to placing an order for the item I have in mind. The $25 coupon was also a great incentive. by Tony G 1/9/2013
COMMENT: We were interested in purchasing replacement wedding bands from you and needed to know the sizes we need. by Harold T 1/5/2013
COMMENT: i choose this because i need to know a few peoples ring sizes.I want to be sure to get the right ring size. by susan p 12/26/2012
COMMENT: good to the correct size! by Duane C 11/25/2012
COMMENT: I am planning on ordering a titanium ring, which I already have but my husbands ring size has gotten smaller before I order I need to know his ring size by Katherine F 10/23/2012
COMMENT: so my fiance can figure out his ring size and i can order from you. You should offer a discount with the ring kit to your store for ordering ; by Stephanie R 10/9/2012
COMMENT: price by Laura S 9/19/2012
COMMENT: So I can order a wedding band for my husband and be sure it fits! by Mary K 9/14/2012
COMMENT: The issue for all of us when ordering rings is size. I just visited the site again to order a slightly larger ladies matching titanium tension band and was unsure how to get the sizing right. Offering a sizing kit that comes from your company is the perfect answer. Thanks for making this available... [This means I can look at new rings too!] by David G 9/3/2012
COMMENT: needed for order by Arthur W 8/28/2012
COMMENT: To size my fingers! by Orlando S 8/21/2012
COMMENT: I saw a perfect wedding band set for my husband and I and wanted to make sure we ordered the right size. by Amy B 8/20/2012
COMMENT: To easily find my size by James M 7/22/2012
COMMENT: Looking a purchasing a titanium rign and with the difficulty in resizing decided to err on the side of caution and pick up the sizing kit. by Mike M 7/21/2012
COMMENT: Ahhh, duh! I picked this item in order to size my ring finger! Go figure! by Jeffrey P 7/14/2012
COMMENT: I am looking for rings me and my bf. by Robert C 5/13/2012
COMMENT: I chose this to get the correct size ring the FIRST time! by Brandon M 5/12/2012
COMMENT: I want to buy just the right ring, and am not sure what size to order. by Jay S 5/6/2012
COMMENT: To measure my finger and my fiance's for our wedding ring purchase. We are looking at rings on your website. Thanks. by KAREN T 4/10/2012
COMMENT: Make sure I order correct sized ring by Brian R 4/2/2012
COMMENT: Wanted to make sure I got the right size for an engagement ring I plan to buy, the first time around. US-UK conversion charts online were giving me different values, and since I'm in the UK right now, going to a local jeweler to confirm would have meant doing some sort of conversion. Buying this kit takes the guesswork out of it. Now I only have to explain why I have a ring sizing kit. Hmmm, any suggestions\? by Kieron S 3/27/2012
COMMENT: Wanting to make sure purchase would fit properly by Nicole P 3/27/2012
COMMENT: need to accurately resize my husband's ring...... by M O 3/19/2012
COMMENT: I want to order wedding rings for my boyfriend and myself--we are getting married in October--and I want us to order the correct sizes. Neither of us has ever worn a comfort fit band before. by Laura L 3/14/2012
COMMENT: to check my finger size by carl j 3/4/2012
COMMENT: To pick the exat size ring. by Juan S 2/29/2012
COMMENT: Need to make sure we get the right size the first time for our rings we plan on purchasing. by Christopher C 2/28/2012
COMMENT: Want to know my true ring finger size, before purchasing a ring from your company. Thanks! by Julio E 2/13/2012
COMMENT: Because i really love the collections of rings here and i want to make the right size in purchasing at the first try!:D by Tom H 1/31/2012
COMMENT: I wanted to be sure about what ring size I should order for my soon to be husband. This will work perfectly! by Andrea A 1/27/2012
COMMENT: Wanted it done right the first time. by Cynthia L 1/21/2012
COMMENT: comfort fit rings are a half size smaller i wanted to make sure i got the correct size by lee h 1/14/2012
COMMENT: self explaintory i need to know the size of his finger by Krystal D 1/9/2012
COMMENT: It looks like a good product. by harold d 12/23/2011
COMMENT: Need to know size before ordering!! by Peter I 12/23/2011
COMMENT: I want to make sure I order the correct ring size for my future husband. by Sharon B 12/3/2011
COMMENT: to help find correct size by alfred j 11/27/2011
COMMENT: I knew my ring size went down when I lost weight, and I needed to know by how much; the sizers showed me just how much. by M I 11/24/2011
COMMENT: to make sure I had the right size by Joe M 11/23/2011
COMMENT: Took a lot of tension out of buying a wedding ring online. She wasn't sure of her ring size so I used this to compare it to some of her other rings. When I proposed the ring was a perfect fit! by T M 11/20/2011
COMMENT: My wife and I are looking for new wedding rings, for are tenth wedding anniversary. I though titanium would be the best option. by Gene W 10/16/2011
COMMENT: I need to know how big one of my fingers are, and this seemed like a good way to know : by M O 9/21/2011
COMMENT: one of my friend in China eye on a pair of wedding bands on this site. i am helping her to get the sizer and bring to China. wish they can get their life-time rings on this site. by Ling T 9/17/2011
QUESTION: I recently bought this ring sizer for my fiance since he is Military and stationed far away from me. He said the sizer said he was a 10.5 and the ring I want to get on this website says it is a comfort ring and to go 1/2 size smaller than what you are sized. Does this ring sizer do comfort sizes or should I go the 1/2 smaller and go with a 10? by None N 4/24/2012
STAFF ANSWER: This sizer kit is a good judge of how comfort fit rings feel on the finger. If the 10.5 sizer was snug on the finger then a 10.5 comfort fit ring will work. If the 10.5 was loose then you should consider the 10 comfort fit ring. by Scott M 4/24/2012
QUESTION: Hello, I was wondering if the coupon that comes with the sizing kit has a expiration date As I am plaing to order my wedding band in a few months. Thanks for your time. by Alfredo C 3/28/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Alfredo,<br />The coupon does not have an expiration date on it. So you can use it whenever you are ready to place your order. <br /><br />Have a wonderful day! by Ron Y 3/29/2012
QUESTION: Hi, so I bought this and found out my ring size. The ring I am looking to purchase has a comfort fit. If this ring sizer says I am a size 4, does that mean I order a size 3.5 Thanks for your help! by None N 3/19/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Hello,<br /><br />The blue finger sizer kit is thin enough to equal the comfort fit shaped rings. If the sizer kit's size 4 is nice and snug I would recommend sticking with that size. If it is a little loose then 3.5 would be in order. by Scott M 3/20/2012