Your’s Truly Interviewed in Entrepreneur magazine!

Entrepreneur MagazineNever thought this would happen 25 years ago. An interview with Entrepreneur magazine.

It’s really true. The lovely, and uber talented, Gwen Moran from Entrepreneur Magazine wrote an article, “Working Successfully With Your Spouse”. And here’s the cool part. She used me as her interview and source. Here’s the link:

In the article 5 tips are shared on how to make your life with your spouse more successful (and happier) if you work together. Yes, these have been tried and refined by myself and my much better half, Mechelle. I learned these 5 points the hard way. Hopefully, if you work with your spouse you can fast track through the pitfalls and landmines by applying these pointers. I wish someone would have given me these tips years ago. I’m sure it would have saved us some difficult times. But then again, how you deal with life’s challenges shape your future. (Not to mention character lines in your face…)

Many colleagues and friends tell me they could NEVER work with their wife or husband. And stay married. Well, it’s not always easy, but it is great to be able to share the successes with the person you care about them most.

If you and your better half work together, you should read the article. And I wish you many more years of work and wedded bliss. Entrepreneur Magazine image



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