World One Article - A Marriage of Art and Science

A Marriage of Art and Science

World one speaks with Edward Rosenberg, CEO of Spectore, about the significance of titanium for the jewelry industry.

World One: Mr. Rosenberg, how important is titanium for jewelry purposes?

Edward Rosenberg: The introduction of titanium to the jewelry industry worldwide has gone well beyond its emergence as a new and superior material. Titanium has proven to be a vehicle to propel the growth and development of the entire jewelry industry. It has unified the quintessential coupling of art and science, expanded the mind-set of designers and manufactures across the globe and broadened the palette and vista of metallurgy with the same drama and magnitude as the introduction of color did for motion pictures. Imagine an element with the strength of steel and yet a weight comparable to aluminum. Titanium is the most compatible with the human body and impervious to many chemicals with a corrosion resistance superior to any known metal. Titanium is all that and more.

World One: Why does titanium fit the requirements for the modern jewelry designs so well?

Edward Rosenberg: Few elements offer the depth and breadth of titanium. Its natural resemblance to platinum and the expansive spectrum of colors and finishes offer an unsurpassed diversity. Couple this with the virtues inherent in the material and titanium has repeatedly proven its superiority in the industry and product development. Titanium is the only element presenting this unique combination of beauty, strength, reduced weight, and bio-compatibility. These virtues unique to titanium have and will continue to invigorate creativity inn design by expanding the realm of possibilities in form and function. Titanium has positively and diversely impacted mankind more than any other single element in history. It has significantly elevated our capabilities in medicine, industry, and science. It has taken us to the depths of the ocean and the far reaches of space. Yet, it is only within the last three decades that we have begun to explore the artistic and personal benefits of this miraculous material. As we entered the new millennium, the multitude of endorsements from notable clients, personalities, and industries escalated the demand for product and technological advancement. I expect we will continue to meet consumer expectations for titanium products in the future.

[Interview by Axel Henselder]