Modern Wedding Bands For Women

Wearing a wedding band symbolizes love, devotion and commitment to your mate. Ladies can choose a band from a wide range of materials: titanium, black titanium, palladium, cobalt, 14K gold & diamonds, timoku and zirconium. Each band comes with a 15 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty. more

Express your individuality with one of our unique styles. Since 1988, couples have chosen us to help them with their contemporary styled bands. Let us help you! We promise you'll love your new ring (and our service!) or send it back - no questions asked.

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Ladies 4mm Timoku Band
Women'sLadies 4mm Timoku Band
by Edward Mirell

$297.00 $425.00
5 star rated
BENCHMARK Scarlett 14K Rose Gold Wedding Band
by Benchmark
14K Rose Gold

$488.00 $625.00
5 star rated

A Brief History Of Womens Wedding Bands

Many historians believe the ancient Egyptians started the tradition of women wearing wedding bands. Archaeologists discovered 3,000 year old artifacts which had images of rings being exchanged, that were made of braided reeds (remember Egypt is on the Nile River) and hemp.

In ancient Rome, most wedding bands were made of iron. The rich upper class used bands of gold and silver. Also, interesting is that in the ancient Roman culture the wedding band symbolized possession, instead of a symbol of love. Thus a man could claim a woman as his wife and possession with a ring. S

Early United States
During the colonial times here in the U.S. it was common for women to receive a thimble as a wedding band. Many of the original European settlers were Puritans who shunned jewelry. So a thimble was a very modest object that aligned with their religious views. And a thimble was practical!

Why wear the wedding band on the left hand?
The Egyptians believed that the ring finger on the left hand had a blood vein that was directly connected to the heart. And in many countries today, people still wear the wedding band on the left ring finger.

Another theory as to why people still wear the wedding band on the left hand is that most people are right handed. Thus the left hand doesn't get used as much, protecting the ring and the hand from being injured while wearing the ring.

Wearing the wedding band on the left finger is not a universal customer. In many parts of Europe people wear the wedding band on the right hand ring finger, instead of the left.

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