Frequently Asked Questions About Titanium Rings

What is titanium?

Titanium is an element (symbol Ti) like gold, silver and platinum. It is a silvery white non ferrous metal with the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. Titanium is inert and therefore completely corrosion resistant. It does not react to salt water, sunlight, or any body or common chemistry.

What are the different grades and purities of titanium?

There are many titanium alloys. Most of our titanium jewelry (with the exception of our Edward Mirell's patented Black-ti (tm)), is created using 99% (commercially pure) titanium, grades 1 and 2. These were selected for their balance of high purity, bio-compatibility, and strength. These grades form more easily, but are generally the most difficult to cut or machine. We intentionally avoided the ultra-high strength, aerospace grades such as grade 6-4 for reasons of color, continuity, lack of purity, and possibility of reaction to the alloy materials. Further, we prefer and chose commercially pure grade (see the next question) to avoid safety issues which may arise in the event your titanium ring requires removal. Our Black Titanium is our only alloyed titanium. It was developed after 14 years of research and development. This alloy is comprised solely of other bio compatible materials.

How hard are titanium rings?

Titanium is incredibly strong, far stronger other conventional materials.removing titanium rings For example, if you hit a hammer on your titanium ring with medium force, the hammer will just bounce off it. The ring still retains it's circular shape. (Yes, we've tried this!) So your titanium ring will last forever without deforming it's shape,(particularly important in tension settings). Titanium is also harder than most other conventional metals. It does scratch, but not as easily as silver, gold or platinum. Also, titanium is lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear than other materials.

Is a titanium ring as durable as gold or platinum?

Yes. Your titanium ring is much more durable than a similar ring made of either gold or platinum. In fact, titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other known element.

How does the price of a titanium ring compare to similar rings in gold and platinum?

Of the three metals, titanium is the most economical. Gold is the next most expensive and platinum is the most expensive. A titanium ring can be up to 10 times less expensive than a similar ring made of platinum.

I have an allergic reaction to most of my jewelry, including gold. Can I wear titanium?

Absolutely. Titanium is the most biocompatible (hypoallergenic) element known to man and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. Unlike other jewelry materials, titanium does not need to be combined with other alloys to harden it. These alloys can create negative reactions with our body chemistry.

Will my titanium ring corrode, tarnish or rust over time?

Never. Titanium is inert and non reactive to almost all chemicals.

Do titanium rings wear down or lose its shape over time?

It will take your titanium ring much longer than other metals to wear down over time. It will also maintain its shape over time because it can't be bent or easily broken.

Can I wear titanium if my ring size fluctuates?

Believe it or not, everyone's ring size fluctuates throughout the day. Things like temperature, water retention and the food you eat all affect your ring size. Therefore it is important to pick a size that is comfortable at all times. Once you choose your titanium ring size, you are usually committed. However, at, we guarantee your ring for life. Read about our Ring For Life sizing program.

Can titanium rings be resized?

Certain titanium ring styles can be stretched up to an additional 1/2 size. However, going to a smaller size is next to impossible. This is because once formed, it is extremely difficult to subject titanium to further compression. Once you choose your titanium ring size, you are usually committed. However, at, we guarantee your ring for life. Read about our Ring For Life sizing program.

What if I can't get my titanium ring off my finger? removing titanium rings

Don't panic. Your titanium ring can be removed with standard jewelry ring cutters.Since titanium is thicker, stronger and harder than conventional materials, the cutting process will take a bit longer and often requires a second cut on the opposite side. It is also important to use lubricant while cutting, as this will speed up the process and prolong the cutter life.

Can titanium rings be engraved or stretched?

Titanium can be engraved with standard engraving equipment. The engraving will not be as deep as in softer materials but will outlast most other inscriptions. Laser engraving also works wonderfully on titanium material. Some of our titanium rings can be stretched up as much as 1 ½ sizes. This does not include rings with inlays, and stones. Stretching an inlayed ring will cause a separation at the joining point of the inlayed material.

How do you color titanium?

Titanium is naturally platinum gray. By applying heat or electricity one may unleash its refractive properties by inducing various oxide thicknesses on the material surface. The resulting titanium oxide causes an optical interference with a purity and vivacity much the same as witnessed in the luminescent colors of oil on water, a peacock's feather, or a rainbow. The colors are directly related to time and voltage. This process is called anodization.

Will the color fade or wear on my titanium ring?

Titanium itself will not change color or tarnish. However, any colored (anodized) area is not scratch resistant. It is possible to refurbish and replace your anodized finish. Black titanium is not anodized. It is a permanent, scratch resistant solution.

Do titanium rings scratch?

Yes, titanium rings do scratch. But the scratches are superficial and can easily be repolished.

Can I polish my titanium ring at home?

Yes. Ask your jeweler which type of jewelry polish and or jewelry cloth you should use for your titanium ring's particular style and finish.

Can my titanium ring be refinished?

Yes. Titanium rings may be refinished in a number of ways. The most popular finishes are bright or satin. In the event that your titanium ring needs to be refinished, standard buffing and polishing tools can be used. More abrasive materials will be needed than with a softer element such as gold.

How do I clean my titanium ring?

Your titanium ring can be cleaned with any non abrasive soap or cleaner. Anodized titanium rings are best cleaned with warm soapy water the dried with a soft tissue.

My titanium ring has a diamond/gemstone. Can I have it cleaned in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner?

Yes it is safe to clean titanium in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.

Can I wear my titanium ring in a swimming pool?

Yes, it's safe. Titanium is inert and will not react or change color while you are swimming in a pool.

Can I wear my titanium ring in saltwater?

Yes. Generally, your titanium ring will not be affected by saltwater. However, special care must be given to anodized titanium rings. Sand can abrade the color. You should also rinse the salt off your ring after swimming in the ocean. But think twice about wearing any titanium ring into the ocean. You run the risk of losing it forever if it slips off your finger.