Why shop with us?

Because we’re obsessed with trying to make every customer’s experience a great one.

Don’t believe me? Check out what our customers are saying. Our star rating is pretty darn close to a 5. (Hey, no one is perfect. Every once in a while we may not meet the mark as well as we hope.) You can check out our reviews here: https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/titanium-jewelry-com.

Here are some examples of why our customers consistently give us top ratings:

There was a guy in Santa Cruzwho really wanted to see some of our men’s rings in person, so he flies his plane out to Modesto. Brings his fiance and her mother along. Took a taxi from the Modesto airport to our store.

When he finished his ring shopping the three of them were waiting in the parking lot. So our manager, Scott, after finding out they are waiting on a $65 taxi tells them “Don’t spend $65, I’ll take you!” So they squeeze in his Mazda RX8 and get a speedy ride back to the airport. Scott was so excited to help them out, he still talks about it.

Or how about the time this nice lady was so pleased with Steven going the extra mile and photographing tons of rings on his finger and emailing them to her, that she sends him a case of Zinfandel wine via UPS. That was cool!

Not to be outdone, Scott Mackey rolled out the red carpet to a fellow who was so happy he wanted to buy Scott his favorite drink. Problem was that this customer was several states away. So he buys all the ingredients for a top shelf Long Island Iced Tea and ships the box to Scott! (You can read more about this here.)

You see, we want super happy customers. We really do try our best. Your package is double boxed to ensure it doesn’t get ripped open by a less than honest person. A gift box and a gift bag are included. Some orders even get a surprise – some tasty chocolates are often included! (Trying to leave a good taste in customers mouths! ) Often times, customers ask us to write something special on a greeting card for them and we gladly do it free of charge! We just love making people happy.

Now, very occasionally, things have gone awry. The wrong size ring got shipped, or two orders got mixed up and each customer received the other’s ring. Or a customer paid for next-day delivery and our team accidentally had UPS ship their order via two-day delivery. These situations are upsetting to our customers. And they are embarrassing and upsetting for us. How a company deals with their mistakes is how they prove their customer service mettle. This is when we reallykick it up a notch.

We will be biggest thorn in UPS side that day, hounding them to re-route a package, upgrade the shipping, have the package held at a local station. We’ve gotten good at actually getting past the UPS customer service people and patched through to the local shipping centers. Trying to get thepackage delivered on time! We’ve provided “loaner” rings to customers getting married when the ring they ordered couldn’t get made fast enough. Send our customers prepaid shipping labels to return rings that we made a mistake on. You will see that there isn’t much that we won’t do to try to rectify the situation.

But in an imperfect world, with imperfect people (myself included, obviously), it’s hard to make every customer elated. Still, that is our goal. When we don’t hit the bulls-eye on that target, we try to learn from it. We learn where we can improve in our service, our product, or somewhere else. That’s why we love to hear from our customers. Please give us your feedback and suggestions. Keep it coming.

My hope is that we will have the opportunity to delight you soon.

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