The 5 Year Plan: Warranties

The 5 Year Plan: Warranties

You didn’t buy your jewelry to sit in a box. You bought it to wear it and flaunt it – a lot! If something were to structurally fail that is out of the nature of its material, it is under warranty. So rock it and know that with our 5 year plan, we’ve got you covered!

$79 Warranty Processing Fee for up to 5 full years – including FREE shipping back to you!


Elysium Warranty: If your Elysium ring breaks after the 1st year, you can send it back for a replacement for a 25% deductible of what you paid for the ring.

Stone Warranty: Our stone warranty covers only stones that weigh .35ct or smaller. For any stone larger than that we recommend getting a 3rd party insurance for it, such as Jewelers Mutual.

International Orders: International orders have a $59 warranty processing fee plus shipping charges.

*Keep in mind, every material is unique and has unique properties. Some will scratch with normal wear which is not covered under warranty but may be refurbished. For more information, please contact our service department or read more information about the individual material.

*Warranty is void if any item is modified or worked on by a jeweler.

What if my ring is engraved?
Good news, your ring is still covered under our 5 year plan. You just have to pay $50 to have it re-engraved.

How long will my warranty take?
Please allow up to 6 weeks. Time frame depends on work needed, maker and their current volume of orders.

How do I pay for my warranty claim?
We do not keep credit card information on file for your security. Once we receive your returned jewelry, we will email you a confirmation and invoice for the warranty claim. At that point, you may call us for payment. Or once your replacement/repaired jewelry is ready to ship out to you, we will call you for payment.

What if my jewelry needs a warranty claim after the 5 year plan?
You can contact our service department. We will do our very best to work with the designer on a case by case basis to get your jewelry repaired or replaced.

What if the style has been discontinued?
Designers occasionally discontinue jewelry styles. If that happens, the manufacturer will replace it with a similar item of similar value. We will do our very best to work with the designer on a case by case basis to get your jewelry repaired or replaced.

What if I lose my jewelry – is this under warranty?
As of right now, only Lashbrook items come with a warranty if you were to ever lose or have your jewelry stolen. You may receive a replacement for a 25% deductible of what you paid for your jewelry. Other than that, we recommend you get your jewelry insured by a 3rd party, such as Jewelers Mutual.

How do I send my jewelry back to you for a warranty claim?
  1. Please package the jewelry securely in a NEW shipping box.
  2. Make sure to return any paper work, certificates, jewelry boxes, or pouches along with a copy of your invoice.
  3. Fill out the Returns & Exchange Form. Or write a note letting us know you are sending this back for a refund.
  4. Do NOT send jewelry back in an envelope. The jewelry will most likely not arrive to us if you do this.
  5. Please insure the package for the full value in the event that the package never arrives to us. Please do not use any words on the outside of the package that will let a thief know the contents, such as: jewelry, diamonds, ring, etc. We also recommend you choose a shipping method that has tracking.
  6. Please note that you are responsible for any fees associated with shipping your jewelry back to us.

Please use the following address:

Yates & Co
3501 McHenry Ave #F18
Modesto, CA 95356