Tungsten Diamond Rings

So you are shopping for a Tungsten Diamond Ring? You came to the right place.
This ain't your daddy's ring. It's a new generation of men's wedding bands. Tungsten is the ultimate heavy metal. Nearly scratch proof and masculine. Tungsten Rings with Diamonds combine two of the hardest elements known to man - tungsten carbide and diamonds.
30 day returns. 5 Year Warranty.
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Reasons to love Tungsten Rings

Tungsten & Diamond Wedding Bands. A perfect combination.

Tungsten is the hardest material in the world used to make wedding bands. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance in our universe. Why get an ordinary tungsten ring, when you can have a tungsten wedding band with diamonds! When you add diamonds to your tungsten band you really set yourself apart from the crowd. All rings come with a lifetime warranty against scratching, cracking, breaking, and diamond loss.

Tungsten rings are made in an extraordinary process which combines tungsten powder and carbide powder. The result is an extremely hard material (about 8-9 on the Mohs hardness scale) that keeps it's polish amazingly well. The color is a steely gray color. Tungsten rings are heavy - guys like the masculine weight.

Tungsten diamond rings were first made by Santa Cruz, CA jeweler Trent West back in the early 1990s. In fact Trent West holds several patents on tungsten rings. The popularity of tugnsten rings with diamonds is a testament to his creativity.

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