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Tungsten and Sterling Ring

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A BEST SELLER!The TULLAMORE J.R. Yates® tungsten carbide ring is the perfect blend of clever design and personal comfort! This 8mm wide daring new band boasts the rugged durability of Tungsten Carbide inlayed with of twin braids of Sterling silver. Don't be afraid to turn a few heads.

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Designer:J. R. Yates
Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Finish:Polished / Shiny
Inlay:Sterling Silver
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 9 reviews)

By Aidan on Sun, 7 Aug 2011
I am a sheet metal worker. So I wanted a tuff ring. Trust me this is not the one. I had worn this ring for only two weeks. I was on my honey moon for one week then back to work for one week. But that is not the kicker. One of the bands broke on the week end when I was just tooling around the house. The Tungsten carbide is extreamly strong. I have not even scratched it yet. But the silver strands that are on this ring are far to brittle. I would not recomend this ring. I is really beautful but it just will not hold up.

By Mrs. Robertson on Tue, 14 Jun 2011
My Husband used the ring less than a year before the first braided band broke and fell off. The second band is able to twist around the ring like a spinner ring now.

By Shea on Sat, 1 Jan 2011
Proposed to my girlfriend on New Year's Eve.

By DollyLauren on Wed, 15 Dec 2010
I bought this for my fiance's wedding ring and it is gorgeous! The pictures don't quite do it justice! It is a little darker than the pictures show, but I feel this gives it more character.

By Carmen the Bride on Wed, 14 Apr 2010
My fiance' is a Warehouse Manager in Houston, TX and he needed a ring that was as unique as well as durable. We visited many jewelry stores from high ends ones to your basic chain stores. After he could not find a band that worked, he was discouraged. Then he looked at Tianium Jewelry and was surprised by the selection. He finally decided on his ring and when he put in on it not only fit comfortably but was exactly what he wanted. It was a special buy because it is his wedding ring!

By Weho dude on Thu, 3 Dec 2009
My girfriend got me this for my birthday. I love it and I wear it all the time. What they say about tungsten is really true. This ring never loses its polish and seems unscratchable.

By Gregory Noel on Fri, 20 Jun 2008
I've been wearing this tungsten ring for just a week now, but it still looks new. The picture doesn't quite capture the sterling silver braid. It's a little different color, and looks very nice next to the tungsten. HOWEVER, the silver does have a couple scratches on it. But no one see's it but me. (The mfger only said the tungsten wouldn't scratch - not the silver, so I guess they are off the hook.) But I would recommend this piece if you are looking for a unique, but dressy, mens wedding ring.

By Johnny K on Wed, 2 Apr 2008
Sterling silver on top of polished Tungsten band, gorgeous. Love it.

By Adam Logan on Wed, 2 Apr 2008
Take a look and you'll get it. I showed it to my boss and he was wearing one next week.
COMMENT: Great styling. Has a Western look to it which I really like. Tungsten wears extremely well. by J F 11/22/2013
COMMENT: Loved the look and the price...also important with his job for ring to be durable by Mary F 4/27/2013
COMMENT: classic, solid looking ring at a good value by Karen E 8/28/2012
COMMENT: I like the style and value by Michael G 2/17/2012
COMMENT: loved the look of this ring and my husband loved it of the braids came apart and he was unable to wair it anymore by P E 12/18/2011
COMMENT: My husband likes this ring for his wedding band by Brandy P 12/11/2011
QUESTION: Are the braids on tough enough I am very active with my hands and need to know that this ring will hold up. by None N 3/4/2014
ANSWER: We loved this ring, but alas had to give up on it. After two times having the braid come off, we had to select another style. By-the-way, the exchange came off without a hitch. My husband did not wear it doing heavy work, and it was not abused in any way, fyi. by Catherine E 3/5/2014
ANSWER: They are not tough. I'm on my second ring because one of the silver bands split open. I keep it as a dress ring now and have the Classico as my everyday ring. by Alex F 3/5/2014
ANSWER: husband owns an auto repair shop and is constantly using his hands. The braids are tough and the ring hasn't scratched either. It's gorgeous and he's gotten many compliments. Highly recommend. by Mary F 3/4/2014
QUESTION: what is the weight of the ring and can you custom make a ring? by Lisa T 3/21/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Great! He will love it! It's a very very nice ring. Plus it's heavy and masculine! by Ron Y 3/22/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Unfortunately, none with the braided design. To keep the braided inlay intact and not have it come out of the ring easily, the ring design needs to be a lower profile - thus weighing less.<br /><br />Here's another ring that is 9mm, 18 grams in size 10, and has an inlay of Platinum. The platinum inlay, although not a braid, adds a lot to the appeal of this ring. It's a good seller for shoppers looking for a tungsten ring with a precious metal accent.<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Ron Y 3/22/2012
REPLY: I like that one - we will be purchasing but I want to show him! by Lisa T 3/22/2012
STAFF ANSWER: The ALTO by Triton in size 10 weighs 18 grams.<br />Here is a link to check it out: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />It is a thicker ring than the Tullamore so that's where the extra comes from. What do you think? by Ron Y 3/22/2012
REPLY: I will show it to him and see what he thinks - any others that are close to 9mm and 18 grams maybe with a braid like the one above. by Lisa T 3/22/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Hi Lisa,<br />In a size 10.0 the ring weighs 15.8 grams.<br />We MAY be able to customize the ring for you. It really depends upon what you are wanting to do. <br />Also keep in mind that when we or any jeweler custom makes a one off ring, the cost usually goes up. But be happy to give you a price, just need some details from you on what you would like to do.<br /><br />Thanks!<br />Ron by Ron Y 3/21/2012
REPLY: My fiance is looking for 9mn and about 18 grams - big and solid - do you have a similar ring that I could look at on-line? by Lisa T 3/21/2012
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