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BENCHMARK Forge Tungsten and Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Tungsten Ring

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We have sold many of these rings for $699. However, we are closing out all BENCHMARK rings, for a fraction of cost.

A must for the Future Mister who loves the tough look of tungsten and the subtle sparkle of black diamonds, the FORGE Tungsten and Black Diamond Ring by Benchmark brings the ideal mix of quality, class and style. This 7-millimeter wide tungsten menís wedding band features .10-carat black diamonds set in a white gold bezel, for a total weight of .30 carats that says ďIím taken,Ē with added edge and big personality. A high-polished groove in the center of the ring extends all the way around for a multidimensional appeal. In this truly eye-catching Benchmark wedding band, diamonds inside the smoky-gray finish add a cool finishing touch.

  • 7 millimeters wide
  • Three black round brilliant diamonds
  • Total weight of .30 carats
  • Features Benchmarkís comfort-fit band for long-term comfort
  • Includes lifetime warranty

Titanium Jewelry offers a lifetime warranty on all of our heavy-duty wedding bands for men, so you can wear them throughout your active lifestyle without worry.

Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Stones:3 Black Diamonds - .30ctw
Gift Box Included
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 10 reviews)

By Consumer in Texas on Mon, 27 Dec 2010
What a beautiful ring! It is slightly darker than the image shown. More of a gun metal color than the silver color. However, my fiance loves the color and the overall feel of the ring. Other than the color, it is exactly as shown. A high quality great ring, well worth the price.

By Kim on Fri, 12 Nov 2010
At first I had my doubts, I don't buy jewelry on line and this was going to be my husbands wedding band, but when I received the ring I was pleasantly surprised. Clean lines and beautiful workmanship. My husband gets so many compliments and we tell all our friends and family where we got it from. I will definitely make future purchases with Titanium Jewelry... we love it ! THANK YOU!!

By Happy Mike on Fri, 1 Oct 2010
This ring is perfect! I love the way it looks and have received many compliments on it. It's unique and different then anything I've seen. One really small issue is it a comfort fit, so about 1/2 a size smaller then your regular ring size. I had mine sent back for resizing and it was back to me with no hassle and quick.

By trandyNbo on Wed, 8 Sep 2010
I bought this ring for my fiance! He loves it.[...]

By Mathemagician on Sun, 29 Aug 2010
My fiancee and I picked this out together, it's quite heavy on my finger (as I knew it would be) and the fit seems right -- I did order a 1/2 size smaller than I was fitted at the local jewelry store, per the website's instructions for a comfort band. I wish the black diamonds went all the way around the band so that there is no one side that is "up". As it is currently designed, it sometimes slips around and the diamonds become hidden. Speaking of the diamonds, there isn't quite as much color contrast between them and the band. Other reviewers have said it arrives darker than what is pictured, that is definitely true. Less contrast, but in my fiancee's words, more manly. Final note, I'm not actually married yet, so I can't comment on comfort / overall happiness after extended wear, my experience has only been for brief "test runs" so far.

By Clarita on Sat, 21 Aug 2010
Bought a wedding ring for my fiance. Size we ordered was perfect! Was helpful that Tungsten said to order a half size smaller than usual due to comfort fit. Ring arrived and fit perfectly. My fiance does not get excited about much, but he was very happy with this ring. He showed it off to anyone that came over! Heavy duty, excellent craftsmanship!

By Heather on Sun, 16 May 2010
This ring is beautiful! My fiance and I couldn't have been any happier with our purchase. i cannot wait to put it onto his finger at our wedding in October. Once he saw this ring, he knew that was the one, he was done looking. He says it's beveled edges are extremely comfortable to wear.

By Vanilla Bean on Thu, 29 Apr 2010
The ring great! My wedding ring is black diamonds this (for husband 2 be) goes with it so well without being to matchy-matchy or feminine. It is a bit darker than in the picture.

By Mel on Thu, 3 Dec 2009
This is a beautiful ring, VERY unique! My only negative comment is that the ring color is much darker than the picture. Also, my husband normally wears a size 12.5 ring and had to send this back for a size exchange to 12 which has taken over a month and a half with no word when we're getting it back. Very disappointing but we still like the ring for it uniqueness.

By Rhys on Mon, 30 Nov 2009
Got this to add to my ring collection. Tungsten really is a fantastic metal. Its brittle but really is almost impossible to scratch in everyday use.
COMMENT: This is the one in the tungsten carbide selection that my fiance liked. by Lisa M 1/16/2013
COMMENT: I love black diamonds and loved the sophisticated, yet masculine look. by Brittany O 4/2/2012
COMMENT: My wife loved it... by Kimberly R 3/9/2012
COMMENT: The width of the ring and the style with the black diamonds were perfect for what I was looking for. by Kyna W 2/2/2012
COMMENT: I chose this ring because it is not only sturdy, it's stunning with its subtle accents and black diamonds. Perfect for my husbands hand. Not only that, this site had the best price! by Veronica V 1/18/2012
QUESTION: Is the inside of this ring solid/smooth If you look inside the ring it would be smooth and you would not be able to see the back of the diamonds. by Deboah L 5/14/2013
ANSWER: Yes it is smooth all the way around the inside. You can not see the back side of the diamonds. by Kyna W 5/27/2013
ANSWER: You can see the back of the diamonds on the inside of the ring. by Tarah H 5/20/2013
ANSWER: Yes it is solid. We love the ring !! by Lisa M 5/16/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Actually we just got in a Forge in and it DOES have "clean out holes". We called Benchmark and they stated they did not. However the product shows otherwise. Sorry for the confusion and the above answer. by Scott M 5/15/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is solid and smooth all the way around even under the diamonds. There are no "clean out holes". You can not see the bottom of the diamonds through the inside of this ring. by Scott M 5/15/2013
QUESTION: Hi im just wondering if it is possible to have the middle diamond on a ring like this replaced with a ruby, and what the cost would be? by Ben T 4/25/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Ben,<br /><br />Thanks for the inquiry. This band is designed and made by Benchmark. They will not custom make it with ruby. However we can custom make you a tungsten ring with a diamond and rubies. Please contact our sales department and we can make this happen for you. by Scott M 4/26/2013
QUESTION: Need a mans opinion, is the 7mm width manly enough Love the look of this ring as my fiance's wedding band but he is 6 ft tall and I don't want the ring to look too small on his finger. Any thoughts? by Gretchen W 8/29/2011
ANSWER: at 5'7" the ring looks good on my finger. I have fat hands. This ring is great I'm on my second one only because I accidentally lost my first one wearing it at work. Now I wear a dummy ring to work and change into this one for the weekends. Anyways I've gotten compliments on it for being different than most everyone else getting a gold boring band. The black diamonds are a nice touch. one thing though, the ring is actually a darker grey than what is shown on the picture.. I'd say it's more charcoal grey and the picture shows is as a heather grey. If that really matters though. by Dark P 10/24/2011
ANSWER: Yes! It is very wide like a standard men's ring. My husband is 6'1" and a "manly" guy and he loves the ring. by C N 10/24/2011
ANSWER: The ring is definitely manly. My hubby is 5'11" and it looks good on him. It's not too narrow and the diamonds aren't too blingy, either. We are very happy with the ring. by R A 10/23/2011
ANSWER: Hiya, I bought this ring for my husband 2 yrs ago, and we just lost the center black diamond a few weeks ago. But other than that, the ring is perfect for a man. It looks very masculine, my hubby is 6ft 5in and has quite large hands. It's not too slim, and he really likes the way the edges are rounded a bit, he says it's mroe comfortable to wear. With the black diamonds, it's got a bit of bling, but still retains it's masculine feel. I just wish that the diamonds were more stable. He works in an office, so it's not like he's banging it around or anything....good luck! by H J 10/22/2011
STAFF REPLY: Hi H J,<br />So sorry to hear the ring lost a diamond. :-<br />Please contact our customer service at your convenience. The diamonds are guaranteed for LIFE!! We will replace the diamond for you at no charge, just shipping costs.<br /><br />Thanks for letting us help you! by Ron Y 10/30/2011
ANSWER: This ring is wide enough for him. I'm 6'5 with big hands and it looks plenty manly. I love that it doesn't scratch the way my titanium ring did. It's even better in person than on the web. by E R 10/21/2011
QUESTION: What is your favorite feature on this ring? by ron Y 8/22/2011
ANSWER: The black diamonds add an elegant touch to this masculine ring! by K J 8/29/2011
ANSWER: Love the look of this ring and my husband does too. However, ours did just break last month, he hit his hand on tile and it snapped in half, but it's returnable for life, so no biggie. by C N 8/24/2011
ANSWER: It has a little 'Bling' but it is still manly. by H J 8/24/2011
ANSWER: someone had mentioned in reviews that the ring is darker than the picture, I found that true as well. Might need to include that in the description or change the picture .. It's not that big of a deal for me but may for others. by Dark P 8/24/2011
STAFF ANSWER: Thanks! I like the ring a lot too! Just wanted to see how some folks who actually are wearing this cool ring like it! by ron Y 8/24/2011
ANSWER: What's not to like about this ring though Lightweight, smooth, the line down the middle all the way to the 3 black diamonds. I'm someone who didn't want a gold or silver ring with gawdy diamonds, actually kind of looked for tungsten carbide or Titanium for durability and weight.. Also I have a taste for gothic style, death style skulls, black, etc and the black diamonds are perfect.<br /><br />I had to order this ring twice as it somehow slipped off my finger at work and I never found it. I chose this as my wedding ring. I've learned my lesson to wear a substitute ring whilst at work and change back to this ring for my days off. by Dark P 8/24/2011
ANSWER: My favorite feature Just look it it.<br />Just look.<br />It's awesome.<br />Pros - lots of compliments. Cons - large ring takes some getting used to especially in humid Miami. Overall - love it. by G G 8/24/2011
STAFF REPLY: Thanks so much for your feedback!! by ron Y 8/24/2011
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