TRITON Tungsten  and Carbon Fiber Ring Wilton

Carbon Fiber & Tungsten Ring

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Featuring an unbroken carbon fiber inlay, the Wilton Carbon Fiber and Tungsten Ring by Triton is the perfect way to show your never-ending love. You'll feel confident and authoritative in this sleek tungsten carbide wedding band thanks to its stylish beveled edges and smooth, comfort fit interior. It's made with Triton's patented TC.850 formula which is exceptionally hard, scratch-proof and permanently polished. This sleek tungsten carbon fiber wedding band is just one option in our enormous selection of carbon fiber rings for men at Titanium Jewelry. It's perfect for the comfort-focused and stylish groom!

  • Tungsten carbide band
  • High-polished finish
  • Carbon fiber inlay
  • 8 millimeters wide
  • Lifetime guarantee

Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Finish:High Polished
Inlay:Carbon Fiber
Gift Box Included
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 12 reviews)

By Robin on Wed, 22 Oct 2014
My husband is a musician and we have found it difficult to find a ring that does not interfere with his playing, this ring fits the bill.

By Criswell on Sat, 21 Dec 2013
My husband uses with his hands a lot for work & I love that the metal is a hard metal that can withstand daily use. The ring doesn't scratch as much as it should with the daily ear & tear. I am glad the ring was still available because my husband left his ring at our hotel room when we went on vacation. So this is the exact ring I bought him as his wedding band 2 1/2 years ago cuz he loved the style of the carbon fiber.

By VJ's Mom on Fri, 19 Aug 2011
Great ring

By Ryan on Wed, 6 Apr 2011
This is a great wedding band! It is stylish and VERY comfortable.

By kole on Sat, 1 Jan 2011
i was wanting to be able to shop at home and get the best deal! I found it and my husband to be is very pleased with the ring. It is going make our special day even better!

By pleased on Sun, 19 Dec 2010
The ring was for my husband who just turned 40, he loves the ring, very unique. He's a car junkie, the carbon fiber ring was very cool choice, good looking and fit into the car theme.[...]thank you.

By Happy in San Antonio on Fri, 17 Dec 2010
I purchased this ring for my boyfriend to wear on his right hand. He saw the rings in Men's Health magazine. [...]. It is beautiful, and attractive. It looks very expensive. I think this would have made a great wedding band too. It is a unique piece that he receives compliments on. In all, I am extremely pleased.

By now northern on Sat, 18 Sep 2010
This is a great looking and very comfortable ring.

By haylisa on Wed, 21 Jul 2010
Bought this for my husband for our wedding after looking at rings in a department store. This one was very similar to one he liked there, but was a much better deal. He loves it!

By RB, the Angry Chef on Sun, 18 Jul 2010
Very happy with the ring!!
COMMENT: My husband loved his first one that he lost. Durable metal type. by F O 12/8/2013
COMMENT: loved the ring and it looks great with the titanium bracelet we just bought by Jackie A 5/24/2013
COMMENT: Great product! Very happy with ring unfortunately it was lost on the beach by Matt G 10/17/2012
COMMENT: referred by a friend by kimberly l 2/14/2012
COMMENT: My boyfriend likes rings that are more unique in style, and this ring was a perfect fit. by corrine l 12/5/2011
QUESTION: Does the Carbon Fiber inlay scratch easily? by Scot F 10/22/2011
ANSWER: Yes the Carbon Fiber does scratch, for a daily ring you might want to keep that in mind, over all my husband loves the look, it's a fantastic ring, he wears it everyday but removes it when he's working in the garage or camping. by M A 11/3/2011
ANSWER: I wear my ring everyday even as I work on our equipment. It has not yet been scratched, in fact it looks as good as the day I received it. I would recommend this ring for those that would something unique. by O R 10/29/2011
ANSWER: The short answer is yes. <br />My ring has several scratches along the inlay. <br />However, these scratches are hardly visible. <br />To notice any of the scratches I have to hold the ring close to my eyes. <br />No one that has asked to see my ring has been able to notice the scratches. <br />With normal wear the inlay will scratch but will not be noticeable to anyone unless they are taking a very close look at the ring. by A L 10/27/2011
ANSWER: sorry it took a while to get back to you. I don't check my e-mail much these days... but to answer your question, no, there is a clear covering protecting the carbon fiber and I have had no problems with scratching at all. I must say I am not the kind of person who usually wears jewelry, earings or anything like that, but I really enjoy this ring and I get many complements on it by I M 10/25/2011
ANSWER: It depends on what you're doing with the ring on. For normal daily wear... no it does not. If you work in a hard labor environment then yes it can scratch. It looks amazing in person though, pictures do not do this ring justice. Its super cool looking and very masculine. by D A 10/25/2011
ANSWER: Yes, my husband scratched his ring within the first two weeks of having it. by P E 10/24/2011
ANSWER: yes.. by P E 10/24/2011
ANSWER: I had had mine for over a year and it has some scratches on it, however I found that they came from one of our wooden hand rails. But if I had to do it all over again I WOULD buy this ring again in a heartbeat because I love it... it is a mans ring without question... and I have been stopped and asked about it and if its worth the money and I say yes every-time.<br />Bob Johnson by J O 10/24/2011
ANSWER: No. It is scratch resistant. <br /><br />I bought the ring as a wedding band and have it on continuously for the past 2 days and it hasn't scratched at all.<br /><br />Hope that helps.<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Raj. by Amrit G 10/24/2011
ANSWER: it will scratch but not easily. it doesn't discolor when scratched. you can feel it when you run your nail over it rather than see it. i'd say i'm harder on the ring than about 90% of people. never take it off, turn alot of wrenches and cut alot of wood, i havn't really put more than a few small digs in the carbon fiber. it's really pretty deep into the ring. you may even be able to polish the carbon, i'v never tried by B R 10/23/2011
REPLY: Thank you very much for the info... I think I'm pretty much sold on this ring. by Scot F 10/23/2011