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Tungsten Ring with Channel Set Diamonds

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Made of two of the hardest materials on Earth - diamonds and tungsten carbide - the Triton Covington ring is a solid way to show your lifelong commitment to your partner. Featuring brilliant .27 carat channel set diamonds surrounded by a warm sterling silver inlay and a tungsten metal band, this men's diamond wedding band is nothing but dazzling. This is one of our best-selling men's wedding bands, and it isn't hard to see why: it's made with Triton's super strong TC.850 formula and is nearly scratch-proof. The heavy, masculine feel brings an unexpected authority to this commanding diamond ring.

  • 8 millimeters wide
  • .27-carat diamond weight
  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Sterling silver inlay
  • Lifetime warranty

Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Inlay:Sterling Silver
Contour:Step Edges
Gift Box Included
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 16 reviews)

By Anonymous on Mon, 25 Jun 2018
Absolutely love it!

By Dana Hills on Tue, 19 Jun 2018
We have used them several times, over the last 10 years, they are ALWAYS a pleasure to work with.

By Trey the Automotive/ Aviation Mechanic on Mon, 9 Feb 2015
Recommend getting a half size smaller than normal because ring does not flex or bend to your finger. I actually lost my first ring because I lost weight and it slipped off. Great for the working man that gets his hands dirty. Washes off well and doesn't tarnish. I definitely recommend this ring for your Mechanically inclined working husband to be; however it flashes really well when out at night and dressed up.

By Clayton on Fri, 14 Nov 2014
My husband and I picked these for our wedding rings. They are perfect. It is the second ring that I have from them. The first one was over 7 years ago as a "promise" ring. That one has held up great. These rings are comfortable and always grab attention. The only suggestion I can make is remember the "comfort fit" guidelines and make sure you adjust your size appropriately. I forgot to this time and the ring is a tad to big. Other than that, an awesome ring that will last forever and look just as good then as it does now.

By elayne on Tue, 4 Sep 2012
I bought this ring for my fiancÚ almost a year ago. It still looks as good as it did when I bought it. Perfect for a man. He loves it.

By proud wife on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
This was purchased as my husband's wedding ring (he picked it out). He loves is and says it's the nicest ring he's ever owned/worn. He wears it everyday and says he's very proud to be seen in it. His one criticism is that it is constantly getting scratched and the bottom of it looks as if it's been treated terribly rough, when in all actuality it's seen very minimal abuse if any. It was terribly scratched up within 1-3 weeks. The top still looks very nice, and it cleans up nicely. He says it's very comfortable.

By Commo Guy on Sun, 8 Jan 2012
I work in communitcations, very hands on work. I wear this ring everyday and have never had any problems. This ring is comfortable, durable, and unique. It has scrached a little but nothing a little buffing did not fix.

By Rich on Tue, 8 Nov 2011
This ring is great I love it but within a week of owning it I notice that it scratches very easily and takes away from its great looks quickly

By Ashlee1111 on Thu, 18 Aug 2011
After months of shopping for the "perfect" wedding band for my husband, we chose the Covington TRITON ring and couldn't be more pleased. Not only is it an absolutely gorgeous ring, it is very well made, comfortable, and durable enough for every day wear. This ring is perfect for ALL occasions!! There is nothing to dislike about this ring [...]

By Barbara in love on Sat, 11 Jun 2011
I am getting married and wanted a nice traditional mans wedding ring with diamonds. My fianace doesn't do jewelry and is always working with his hands, so I couldn't go with traditional gold. I got him and engagement ring made from Tungsten and he loved the ring and comfort fit band.. He stated if I got a diamond ring it would be warn on special occassions and he would just continue to wear the engagement ring.. I KNOW once he see's this ring on our wedding day. He will be as blown over as I am at the look and feel of it, that he will wear it every day.. Thank you so much for meeting all my needs. Not only did I find an absolutely BEAUTIFUL ring but you had it in 11.5 which not everyone carries.. THANK YOU Titanium Jewelry.. You made one of my wedding dreams come true..
COMMENT: love the style by Alisha D 9/3/2014
COMMENT: Saw it in a jewelry store and was going to buy it until I found it in here with a much cheaper price and no additional money for warranty. by Jamie P 2/13/2014
COMMENT: looks and toughness by S U 1/9/2012
COMMENT: Very Fashionable yet Simple and Elegant! by Gilbert T 1/8/2012
COMMENT: Classy, style, price and quality by EL J 1/2/2012
COMMENT: Sterling Silver and diamonds on tungsten by Brittni D 9/20/2011
QUESTION: Is the inside of this ring solid/smooth If you look inside the ring it would be smooth and you would not be able to see the back of the diamonds. by Deboah L 5/14/2013
ANSWER: Yes the inside of the ring is smooth as it is a channel set inlay. Full titanium circle surrounds rings by Kenneth C 5/19/2013
ANSWER: Yes the inside is smooth all around and you cannot see the back if the diamonds. It's nice for engraving by Jessica A 5/17/2013
STAFF ANSWER: That's correct. It is smooth. No "clean out holes" to where you can see the bottom of the diamond from the inside of the band. by Scott M 5/15/2013
ANSWER: The inside of the ring is smooth. The ring is well made and solid. My husband loves his ring. I was very satisfied with the purchase. I would recommend this ring! by Cheryl D 5/15/2013
QUESTION: 1. does the sliver look very off color when new from the tungsten<br />2. how does the silver look after some time can it be polished up and look good again? by Joe S 9/4/2012
ANSWER: The silver does not look off color. It actually makes the ring two toned. I wouldn't use a jewelry cleaner on it. My husband just cleans it with soap and water while washing his hands and uses the polishing cloth that came with it. The tungsten part of the ring is the only part that is shiny. The silver part is brushed silver and not shiny so you wouldn't want to polish it. As far as quality, if is very well made and my husband loves it. He gets a lot of compliments on his ring. It is worth the cost and it has a lifetime warranty on it. by Lita Q 9/5/2012
ANSWER: It looks really good. i haven't tried polishing mine get cuz i haven't been able to get around to it but it still looks good. by Jessica A 9/5/2012
ANSWER: The silver does give the ring a two color look. That is one of my favorite things about the ring, I have had the ring about two years and it still looks great. I have not had any problems with the silver. by D H 9/4/2012
ANSWER: Silver looks great new and even 7 months later it shines up beautifully. This ring is absolutely awesome. He has received many compliments on it. by Brenda E 9/4/2012
QUESTION: One of the comments was that the silver scratches easily. My fiance works roughly with his hands and I don't want his ring to look scratched up. Did yours scratch easily? by Mary J 1/8/2012
ANSWER: I worked a rough job previous to the one I have now, and believe it or not, the Stainless steel part of the band only got a mark on it after I got my hand stuck in a tight spot, and even then it was only a small dent on the bottom of the ring where only I see it. <br /><br />I was at a Milwaukee Brewers playoff game and smacked my hand down pretty hard on the top of the concrete dugout and the ring did crack though. It may have been because of the dent on the bottom, but Titanium-Jewelry replaced the ring under the lifetime warranty that comes with the ring!<br /><br />In my opinion this is a great, nice looking, ring that is well worth it!<br /><br />Hope this helps! by S U 1/9/2012
ANSWER: It does scratch. I have an office job and have had mine for 1yr 4mos. No big scratches and no diamonds ever fell out. But I have used it while working outside. This ring wasn't in stores when I bought it. Now I have seen it in couple mall jewelry stores. I do get compliments on it and I still like it. It is a thicker band and causes seperation between my fingers, but I don't find it uncomfortable to wear. I may get a thin plain band in the near future. by A V 1/9/2012
ANSWER: it really doesnt matter what precious metal ur going to go with they will scratch up far as for this particular one no. it didnt scratch easily,but depending on the severity of your fiance job it would scratch on the bottom part of the ring.just like a watch the links towards the bottom of the watch will scratch.this ring is stylish and very well rounded to suit anyones fashion sense by Gilbert T 1/8/2012
ANSWER: my husband is in culinary school and works in a kitchen all day, and his has some minor scratches that are really only visible when you hold it up real close to look at it. its a beautiful ring and i think its holding up amazingly. : by E D 1/8/2012
ANSWER: I work with my hands in the communications field and my ring has scratched a little but nothing a little buffing would not fix.. Definately NOT alot.. by Eric N 1/8/2012
ANSWER: I also work with my hands at the Post Office and I would say it scratched a little but NOT much.. by H E 1/8/2012