ROZZO Tungsten Wedding Band by Heavy Stone Rings

Tungsten Wedding Band

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ROZZO Tungsten Wedding Band

The ROZZO is a hefty 8mm wide. Crafted of scratch resistance tungsten carbide. Tungsten is a heavy material that has a masculine appeal to it. Guys like the weight and the fact that it probably will never scratch.

The ROZZO is hand made by our friends at Heavy Stone Rings in Utah. The band has a slight comfort fit on the inside, allowing it to go on and off easily. The finish on the outside of the ring is a heavy satin (some call it a matte finish). The satin finish is not shiny; it is a textured finish. Some owners of this tungsten ring have said they were drawn to it's industrial feel.

The ring has a Lifetime Warranty against scratching or breaking. Simply return it to us for a full replacement if this should ever happen.

Please allow about 1 week to get your ring made.

Designer:Heavy Stone Rings
Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Finish:Heavy Satin / Matte
Gift Box Included
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By Nicci on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
This is my fiance's wedding band. He cracks his knuckles so it had to be loose enough to reach past his knuckle, but otherwise for any other finger it should be a pretty good fit. nice color and surface. smooth and comfortable. heavy to prove it is a great metal. second to diamond.

By Toley on Thu, 22 Sep 2011
The ring is exactly as advertised. A big, wide, heavy, durable ring. The finish is a nice brushed metal look, and I have yet to make any marks on it (even though I use it as a bottle opener!). It was advertised as wide, and even though I have big hands, I find that the wider ring is a little bit uncomfortable when I make my hand into a fist. It's very heavy and needs to be the right size or it will fall off. I'm very happy with the purchase.

By JAB on Wed, 17 Aug 2011
We got this for my now husband, it is his wedding band. We shopped and shopped and could not find the right one! We got this and the absolutely loved it. He is hard on his jewelry and this is perfect!

By eigonosensei on Wed, 6 Apr 2011
My husband indicated his interest in a slightly similar design, but that ring was in another metal. I thought it would be easy to find something like this, modern, comfortable, stylish and uncommon. This was the only one I could find without fancy bits, beveled edges etc. I spent a week searching for this style. [...] His only complaint was that it's a wee uncomfortable when he's lifting weights. That's understandable with nearly any ring if you're lifting frequently I suppose. All in all, it was a great buy. He loves it, I love it and people comment on it all the time.

By neonoyster on Wed, 6 Apr 2011
Absolutely perfect. Could not be happier with the quality and look. My bride is equally as impressed. Thank you

By ML on Wed, 2 Feb 2011
EXACTLY like the picture, good heft, never scratches (had mine for 5 years now) amazing ring. Temtpted to say "don't get one" because I wanna be the only one with it, but a co-worker got one and the cat is out of the bag, so you may as well get this solid ring. Very understated, simple and solid.

By dexxbot on Sat, 4 Sep 2010
Bought this as a relatively unusual, stylish but understated wedding ring, so (from October 14th 2010) I will be wearing it every day (maybe whip it off on a few occasions of nighttime cavorting :)) Anyhoo, looks like it will tick all my boxes- really happy with it. [...]

By Fly Angler on Sat, 6 Mar 2010
Bought this ring as a wedding band. Hard to find a pipe cut with heavy satin finish and comfort fit. Great quality, communication, and product. Ring is very solid, looks and feels great. A half size down seemed to work.

By Kim on Mon, 27 Apr 2009
I just received this ring in the mail, and in 3 months I will put it on my husbands ring finger. It was really hard for him to find a tungsten ring that he liked, and one that didn't look identical to all of the others. Anyways, he fell in love with this one. I was really apprehensive about buying something this important online. So I emailed with the customer service reps... they told me that they did have his size in stock and assured me the picture is accurate. Well, my fiance loves it! It's exactly how it looks on the picture and I'm extremely satisfied with this whole transaction. Thanks so much!

By Chris on Thu, 22 Jan 2009
My first review was almost 4 years ago. I am still extremely happy with this ring. I still use abrasive hand cleaners and I've never seen a single scratch on this ring. I've scraped it along an asphalt road, pinched it between a 300# line striper and a concrete wall, and many other things that would have demolished my gold band and it looks as good as it did the day I put it on. My only complaint is that over time I've wished I had bought the Piatto for the gloss, but that was my own fault. This is a great deal at $199.
COMMENT: My husband's initial wedding band was a little too large when we got married nearly 4 years ago. Even with knowledge of the exchange period and us living overseas at the time he wouldn't swap it out for sentimentality's sake. He is rather emotional. Now, after going through a rather difficult time, his original band is more than just a little large for him. It fell off and was lost for a while. I felt that it was officially time to get a replacement. by W A 1/20/2014
COMMENT: because it was the only ring that i could find that would fit my husband by Kathy B 5/6/2012
COMMENT: flat and solid surface, not two tone on outside. choose thickness. great buy by Nicole S 2/9/2012