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Tungsten Wedding Band - CLASSICO by J.R. YATES

Classic Comfort Fit Tungsten Ring

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Traditional, classic, old-school: whatever you call it, it never goes out of style! The J.R. Yates Classico Comfort Fit Tungsten Wedding Band is the perfect affordable wedding band for those who prefer a time-honored style. Tungsten comfort fit wedding bands from J.R. Yates are about 10 times harder than gold and are virtually scratch-proof, so you can be sure this style will endure. This ring is one of our best-selling tungsten wedding bands for her or him, and is available in a more narrow 4-millimeter wide option for a simple and dainty wedding band style.

  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • Available in 4-millimeter, 6-millimeter or 8-millimeter
  • Polished/shiny finish
  • Permanently polished

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Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Width:4mm, 6mm or 8mm
Finish:Polished / Shiny
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 53 reviews)

By Monica Vanderlinden on Tue, 4 Sep 2018
Very pleased with my ring. It was exactly as described. Also, shipped and delivered in 2 days. Thank you!

By Monica Vanderlinden on Tue, 4 Sep 2018
Very pleased with my ring. It was exactly as described. Also, shipped and delivered in 2 days. Thank you!

By Anonymous on Wed, 17 Jan 2018
Great rings. We bought them to replace prior wedding bands that were too tight. They look good, have a good weight to them, and are extremely comfortable. I highly recommend them.

By scott keator on Tue, 1 Nov 2016
This was to replace a lost wedding band for my husband. I got him the exact same ring as before. It is great quality and beautiful. Third time purchasing from here, they are the best. Thanks again ! Scott K.

By Mike on Fri, 8 Jun 2012
Xexactly what I was looking for! A comfortable , classic looking wedding band.

By Happy couple on Mon, 16 Apr 2012
This is a highly durable and long lasting ring that I purchased for my husband who is a welder. It is very comfortable and it has not been damaged although he works with metal tools and parts all day.

By Dee the destination bride on Sun, 15 Apr 2012
I am engaged and wanted to find a band that complemented my ring but also was true to my fiancÚ's personality, character and lifestyle. I needed something strong and durable yet also timeless and comfortable. Since he doesn't really wear jewelry, the comfort band was perfect, as is the fact that it always looks clean and polished. I am certain despite his work, it will not scratch or get damaged because the material is really durable.

By innovatech on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
We were looking for durable wedding rings that wouldn't constantly get dirty or damaged as we work with our hands frequently. We had a titanium engagement ring that actually got scratched a couple times, so tungsten was a great alternative. We haven't had any problems with adhesives or chemicals affecting the rings, either. A drawback is the inability to re-size the rings conveniently, but that's minor.

By suzie haymaker on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
its nice to where my wedding ring and not have to worry anout if its gona break

By Jennifer on Thu, 15 Sep 2011
The product was purchased as a wedding band and worn daily. This is my second purchase and the Tungsten looks brand new a year later. It does not scratch or dull. The comfort fit makes it a great wedding band for everyday purposes. My husband loves his as well!
COMMENT: color was very interesting by S C 3/15/2015
COMMENT: Previously had Triton black titanium band of same design, but lost it. Overall satisfied, but time in the desert scratched off the black lost the warranty lost before I lost the ring. Want something that will be harder to scratch. Perfect. by Chris H 5/13/2013
COMMENT: I purchased this as a set for a 15 year aniversary. by Luis M 4/5/2013
COMMENT: I love the durability of Tungsten... by Scott Z 2/14/2013
COMMENT: To replace one we had bought 5 years ago that doesnt fit anymore.<br />Great rings. by Jason D 2/12/2013
COMMENT: I chose this item because it has the clear reflective look of pure silver. by S O 1/6/2013
COMMENT: I wanted to try the comfort fit and the way it shines by Michael B 11/27/2012
COMMENT: This won't need polish and it won't scratch, I purchased another two weeks ago, it is strong beautiful and doesn't look a day older than when it arrived/ by nancy m 9/10/2012
COMMENT: I really like the polish the ring has and it looks like it will last. by Jennifer M 8/8/2012
COMMENT: Liked the look and price by J S 6/22/2012
COMMENT: Lost last one due to large size by J S 6/22/2012
COMMENT: because my husband work with his hands, and his last titanium ring saved his finger! but it had to be cut off... this is a replacement by Kara R 6/12/2012
COMMENT: Simple classic design by WILLIAM S 5/28/2012
COMMENT: liked the look and the price by Michael T 5/22/2012
COMMENT: I chose a Tungsten ring due to the amazing strength of the metal, and its ability to don the working man's hand the whole day through without a scratch. It doesn't show scratches; It doesn't discolor; It doesn't rust; It does However, shine, shine, shine-reminding me of that sunny day in June when I married that beautiful creature, my wife. And, best of all tungsten is very inexpensive, so I can leave my white gold wedding band at home. EJHS by Eric H 2/14/2012
COMMENT: I need a tuff ring. I do a lot of work with my hands and gold always looks scratched up so I thought I would give this a try. by Jim J 1/17/2012
COMMENT: The "Classico"\ Well, it's just classic. Very simple and beautiful and durable. Not frilly, fussy or foofy. I have another one like this and it's as perfect as the day I bought it. No worries about it at all, except for the possibility of losing it. by Larry H 11/28/2011
COMMENT: lost original. loved it so much. doesn't scratch. good quality by K A 11/24/2011
COMMENT: My job would shred a ring with a softer metal, so tungsten-carbide was the way to go. by M I 11/24/2011
COMMENT: The material says it's gonna be around for a long time, just like I plan to do for my leading lady! by M I 11/24/2011
COMMENT: lost the last one by j.z.murell p 10/11/2011
COMMENT: No particular reason. I just like plain simple bands as rings. Not for marriage!!! by Gregory G 9/15/2011
QUESTION: Is this hand made? by Angela H 1/20/2016
ANSWER: I wouldn't guess so, they are nice and simple though by jerry w 1/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: It is machine made. by Ron Y 1/20/2016
QUESTION: 4 6 or 8mm. How does a man choose? by None N 12/5/2012
ANSWER: I went with the 6mm and have been wearing it for over two years and couldn't be happier. That's the one I would recommend. On another note, make sure you know exactly what size ring you need. If you're not sure, go to a jewelry store and have them size the finger you're going to wear it on. This ring is a comfort fit so they run about a half size larger than normal. These rings can't be resized. If you get the ring and it doesn't fit right, you can send it back within the first few weeks for a different size. by M A 12/6/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Some European men have purchased the 4mm size, as they tend to go more simple sometimes.<br />But K A is right on with his/her comment.<br /><br />If your fingers are smallish, the 8mm might be too much. by Ron Y 12/6/2012
ANSWER: I went 8 mm, looks great and very durable by R N 12/5/2012
ANSWER: 4 is for women. 6 is for men. 8 is for men who want to make a statement. <br /><br />My husband has a 6 and I think it looks just right. I have the 4 by K A 12/5/2012
QUESTION: I'm buying one for my husband to be ... is the 4mm acceptable for a man? by None N 7/29/2012
STAFF ANSWER: I have noticed that most American men tend to go with a 6mm, or a wide 8mm. But we sell to men in many countries that want a more narrow band like a 4mm. Hope this helps. by Ron Y 7/31/2012
ANSWER: I bought this size for my then-husband-to-be and I love the look. by K I 7/30/2012
ANSWER: Yes, it's a good size, I like it and it feels like you have a good ring on your finger when you have it on. It really shows a good presence. by R N 7/30/2012
ANSWER: I don't have big hands, and I'd say I would go at least 6mm. And remember that the rings fit large. My normal ring size is a nine and I had to go with an eight. by C M 7/30/2012
ANSWER: Yes, but I find the larger sizes a bit more masculine.<br /><br />best regards<br />Morten by M O 7/29/2012
ANSWER: I don't think it would unacceptable since the ring is gender neutral, but I think 6mm or 8mm would be more masculine looking. 4mm is much more common for women's rings. by G H 7/29/2012
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