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His and Hers CLASSICO Tungsten Ring Set

His & Hers
Tungsten Dome Rings

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Classic wedding bands in permanently polished, always new looking, TUNGSTEN CARBIDE. Available in three different widths, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. For ladies who want a more narrow ring, the CLASSICO is available in 4mm width. Best selling width is 6mm, and also available in 8mm widths if you want a wide wedding band.

Designer:J.R. YATES
Metal:Tungsten Carbide
Width:4mm, 6mm or 8mm
Finish:Polished / Shiny
Gift Box Included
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By innovatech on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
We were looking for durable wedding rings that wouldn't constantly get dirty or damaged as we work with our hands frequently. We had a titanium engagement ring that actually got scratched a couple times, so tungsten was a great alternative. We haven't had any problems with adhesives or chemicals affecting the rings, either. A drawback is the inability to re-size the rings conveniently, but that's minor.

By suzie haymaker on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
its nice to where my wedding ring and not have to worry anout if its gona break

By bummer22babygirl on Mon, 30 May 2011
I couldn't be happier with our wedding bands! I've always been a fan of this website and have owned several titanium rings for several years now, so of course I looked to this site for my wedding bands. This is my first experience with tungsten carbide and I must say I love it! It's lightweight and comfortable and always looks brand new. If it gets a few smudges you just wipe it off and it's good as new. It stays so shiny and smooth looking. I will never waste money on another gold ring. And you can't beat the price of these rings. I really feel like I made out with this purchase. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Yates!

By blue on Thu, 2 Sep 2010
great product

By I<3tungsten on Fri, 27 Aug 2010
I love my Tungsten ring. Feels great on my finger. I wear it all the time, the ring has enough weight that you know its there but the comfort is amazing. If you are looking for a classic ring this is it.

By Don in CT on Mon, 19 Apr 2010
I was sceptical about purchasing jewlery on the internet, but was extremely happy [...] The rings fit perfectly[...]

By Jane Lane on Sun, 18 Apr 2010
We bought the rings from titanium-jewelry, since there aren't that many stores that sell tungsten carbide rings here where we live. I had dreamt of tungsten carbide ring for a long time since it doesn't scratch easily, it looks bright and it's also unique (not the same kind of golden band that everyone uses here for engagement ring). The ring fitted perfectly and the comfort fit really means that the ring is actually comfortable! (and this comes from a person who hates wearing jewelry). All and all, great purchase :)
COMMENT: simple and clean by Liz L 5/22/2016
COMMENT: Beautiful, classic set. Anniversary gift for my husband and myself. by J O 2/6/2015
COMMENT: Needed Wedding Bands that would look good and last. Tungsten is the hardest metal and is scratch proof. These rings will last longer and never lose their shine. by Andrew B 4/28/2013
COMMENT: These are for our 25th anniversary & are just different enough & what we were looking for to honor the special day!! by TC D 3/10/2013
COMMENT: Classic wedding bands in the toughest metal on earth. A perfect combination. Simple, yet virtually indestructible and forever "new." by Joseph B 6/7/2012
QUESTION: do these rings scratch and can they be polished like white gold bands if lose their shine? by tenney t 3/18/2012
ANSWER: They don't scratch and polish isn't really necessary. I've had mine for nearly two years and I lift heavy weights at least once a week with the ring on. I have had no scratches or any other issues. Occasionally wash it with soap and water and it looks like new, they only lose shine when they are dirty. I love mine and wouldn't want any other ring. by D R 3/18/2012
QUESTION: How long have you had the ring, and does it still really shine What made you decide on Tungsten versus Gold, or Platinum Have there been any problems How do you take car of your ring? by Lorel P 1/14/2012
ANSWER: I had the ring for about 6 months. It is still very shiny, no scratches at all. I work in a railroad yard and wanted an everyday ring i could wear and not worry about. Its a second ring. I use it when Im not dressing up. She uses hers when she goes to the gym. No problems so far. I just wash its with soap and water. by Son S 1/16/2012
ANSWER: No problems at all. I decided on tungsten because it was harder than other materials and wouldn't scratch and /or need maintenance. It's been a year and thyere is no noticable wear on the ring despite my somewhat rough and tumble lifestyle as a firefighter and contractor. by H E 1/15/2012
ANSWER: I have had the ring for 18 months and it looks as good as the day I received it. I decided on tungsten because I like to lift heavy weights and other rings can bend, warp, or scratch, tungsten doesn't. I never take it off and have not had a single problem with it. It really doesn't require any care, dirt doesn't really cling to it. The only cleaning it gets is when I wash my hands it hasn't needed anything else. I get compliments on it all the time. by D R 1/15/2012
ANSWER: I have had my ring for about 3 months, and it is just as shiny as the day I got it. I purchased a tungsten ring because a work a lot with my hands and it is important that it wasn't scratched or damaged. I don't really do anything special to take care of my ring. I am very satisfied with my ring and I'm sure that you will be too.<br /><br />With regards<br />Morten R Jakobsen by M O 1/15/2012
ANSWER: Our rings are amazing and we couldn't be happier with them! I first encountered of tungsten carbide from one of my friends--his ring was unique and as he described it, I was convinced that I wanted tungsten carbide for my wedding band. When the time came to get married, my fiance and I did some research and I was validated in my preference for this material additionally, neither of us were interested in gold. Tungsten is awesome! It doesn't scratch, dull, or get squeezed out of shape. Also these rings feel great!<br /><br />We don't do anything to take care of our rings 19 months married, yet some it's remarkable how shiny they still are.<br /><br />Tungsten is a hard substance, which is why it resists scratches so well. Carbide is a material used for cutting metal in a machine shop. As an engineer, the nerd-factor of these rings gives me a really big smile. These materials are brittle though, but unless you squeeze them in vice, you're not going to break the ring although, youtube videos show using a pair of vice-grip pliers to break the ring off your finger--without breaking your finger--in an emergency. This property is by NO means a downside to the ring.<br /><br /><br />I only have two "cons":<br /><br />1. I chose the incorrect size for my ring. Now I'm saving to get the same one but smaller...unless my fingers swell :P<br /><br />2. Eventually we want to get a tungsten carbide ring with a tension set diamond. That's another upgrade we're saving for.<br /><br /><br />Bottom line: We are very happy with these rings and, if you get the appropriate size, I'm sure you will be too. by D E 1/14/2012
ANSWER: Both my husband and I have had the Tungsten Classico bands for several years hubby 6yrs and me 4rs and they are great. We went with tungsten because my husband lost his first white gold wedding ring, and we also wanted something indestructable! I bought one later because I liked his so much. They really are tough and they have a lovely gunmetal gray finish that is beautiful and shiny. We wear our rings every day and don't do anything special to care for them they don't need it!. You could wet the ring and give it a quick dry with a soft cloth if you wanted to shine it back up after applying hand lotion or something, but other than that they are completely zero-maintenance. No scuffs, no scratches from constant wear, unlike gold or platinum, which will scratch and need to be repaired over time. We love our tungsten bands! by M O 1/14/2012
ANSWER: I have worn my tungsten ring every single day for over six years, and it has only the tiniest, nearly-invisible hairline scratches. I even wear it rock climbing. This ring is incredibly tough.<br /><br />All I do to take care of it is wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Hand lotion or soap leaves a dulling residue that must be wiped off to make it shiny again. That's all it needs.<br /><br />I decided on tungsten for these reasons. Tough, care-free, shiny.<br /><br />The only thing I don't love about it is, it's a rather dark gray. It isn't white like titanium or platinum. But, it's so shiny, when all other rings would by now be barely a satin finish with all the scratches, that I consider this a fair trade. I recommend the material to all my friends. <br /> <br />Incidentally, if anyone tells you that tungsten is dangerous because paramedics can't saw through it if you need them to cut it off your finger in an emergency, well... that is not true, Tungsten is hard, but brittle. Paramedics can crack the ring with a vise. It is actually faster and safer to crack off a tungsten ring than to saw off a regular ring. by M E 1/14/2012