Tension Set Rings

Titanium tension set rings. What is 'tension set'? A tension set ring means there are no prongs, or channels of metal, that secure the stone in the ring. Instead, the opposing sides of the ring create such tremendous pressure that they keep the stone securely held. All of these rings are made of titanium or black titanium. Titanium is incredibly strong with amazing tensile strength. The perfect material for tension setting! And it's lightweight so it's comfy on the finger.

More info about Tension Set Titanium Rings

Tension set rings were pioneered by Edward Rosenberg, of Spectore Corporation. Mr. Rosenberg went on found Edward Mirell, leading designer of titanium jewelry.

Tension set rings made of gold or platinum are very heavy and uncomfortable on most people's fingers. The reason is that to have sufficient tension, those rings must be very thick and heavy. The benefit of using titanium is that it has much greater tensile strength (it is stronger than steel!), while being feather light.

Our tension set titanium rings are guaranteed for life against stone loss, on diamonds or gemstones up to .35ct. For rings with diamonds larger than this we recommend you purchase jewelry insurance. One jewelry insurance company that many of our customers use is Perfect Circle. Perfect Circle only insures jewelry and have been in business for over 100 years.

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