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Titanium is incredibly strong, light as a feather and hypo-allergenic. Browse from natural colored gray or the exotic black titanium. With diamonds, or without. You've come to the right place for unique styles for your titanium wedding ring.
Thousands of couples have been choosing us since 2002 for unique rings. We are your titanium experts!

TEMPLAR Titanium Ring 8mm by Edward Mirell
by Edward Mirell
Titanium Ring

$160.00 $215.00

Why choose titanium for your wedding band?

It is hypoallergenic, incredibly strong and will last forever. It will never crack, bend or break. You won't get any allergic reactions wearing it. A titanium ring is stronger than steel, but as light as a feather. (well, close...)

Titanium has been to the moon and back. It's used in the body for medical purposes. Professional racers (car, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.) prize it for its strength to weight properties. All this and more. Yet, it's amazingly affordable.

Pairing titanium with precious metals, such as yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, really makes your ring stand out. It adds luxury and sets your wedding ring or band apart from the low end ones you see at Walmart, Overstock and similar stores.

We warranty all stones, including diamonds, in your ring up to .35ct. This means that if your diamond or gemstone ever "falls out", send the ring back to us and we will replace the stone. The only caveat is that we cannot warranty a ring that has been damaged. But if under normal wear the stone gets broken and falls out, we've got you covered.

One thing to remember is that even though titanium is the strongest material you can get for a ring, it is not the hardest material. There is a difference between 'strong' and 'hard'. Titanium will keep it's shape, won't bend, break or shatter, but it will scratch. Over time a titanium ring will take on its own unique 'patina', a darkish gray color. You can restore the high polish shine by taking it to a local jeweler and having it buffed or polished. You can re-apply a satin finish by rubbing your ring with a Scotch Brite type pad.

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