Titanium Money Clips & Key Rings

Itís amazing just how much style you can add to your outfit with just one little accessory. These titanium money clips and key rings are a testament to that. Each one is jam-packed with lots of style and elegance, so when you use them, youíll instantly appear more chic, sleek and confident.

These arenít just cheap key rings and money clips you could buy at any department store. These are high-quality and stylish accessories made with titanium, one of the ...read more finest and more durable metals used by jewelers today. That means that each one can be used for not just years but decades without looking the worse for it. Itís one of the many reasons that guys receive these as keepsakes for special occasions, such as being honored as a groomsmen, graduation from college or celebrating a milestone event.

These titanium money clips and key ring have been designed with the stylish and masculine man in mind. Get yours from Titanium Jewelry to enjoy a 5 year warranty on each item. ...read less

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