Titanium Bracelets

Modern, Striking, and Bold.     Cutting edge designs by Edward Mirell. These unique bracelets are a perfect complement to your titanium ring. Available in natural colored gray, titanium or black cable. Made in the U.S.A.

Titanium is hypo-allergenic and incredibly strong but light as a feather. It's a space age metal that's been to the moon and back. Because of it's bio-compatibility it is the preferred material used for joint replacements and heart stints. ...read more No allergic reactions like with most other bracelet materials.

Naturally a gray-ish color, it is a memory metal which allows it be used in bangle and cuff designs. You can bend the bracelet to get it over your wrist, but then it pops right back to it's original shape. It sets you apart from the crowd. Our bracelets are by noted titanium jewelry innovator Edward Mirell. And made here in the U.S. to ensure the highest quality. (Read more information at bottom of this page.) ...read less
EDWARD MIRELL 4mm Black Titanium Cable Bracelet
Black Ti Cable
by Edward Mirell

$375.00 $410.00
5 star rated
Ladies Titanium Heart Bracelet
Women'sTitanium Heart Bracelet
by Edward Mirell

$175.00 $225.00
5 star rated
TEMPLAR Titanium Cuff Bracelet by Edward Mirell
by Edward Mirell
Titanium Cuff

$279.00 $375.00
Triple Black Titanium Cable Bracelet by Edward Mirell
Triple Black Ti Cable
by Edward Mirell

$659.00 $769.00
5 star rated

About Black Titanium Bracelets
Black Titanium was developed by Ed Rosenberg of Spectore Corporation and Edward Mirell. The black titanium bracelets use the patented Black Ti alloy. This proprietary material undergoes a heating and oxygenation process that turns the metal black from the outside in. It also hardens the exterior of the bracelet, giving it a scratch resistant black surface. Similar to a black porcelain. Very bright and shiny, scratch resistant but black. Not quite "jet black", but more of a smoky black color.

About Titanium Cable Bracelets
Titanium cable really is an incredible material for bracelets. It's our favorite. Also called Nitonol, it is a memory wire, that can be shaped and it holds it's shape permanently. It is flexible so you can put the bracelet on and take it off easily.

The cable is made with 49 individual strands twisted together. It has a silky type feel to it, yet is incredibly durable. This amazing material is also used in the medical and optical fields.

The color of the black cable is a lighter shade of black, not jet black, but of a smokey black.

Our Bracelets Have a 30 Day Return & 5 Year Warranty

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