Titanium Engagement Rings

Modern, Captivating and Uniquely Beautiful.       For ladies who want something a bit different, our titanium engagement rings offer the perfect solution! Titanium is an incredibly durable metal that is lightweight. Its unique strength makes titanium a great choice for modern tension set rings - incredible rings that hold the diamond (or other gemstone) with pressure, using no prongs. They have the appearance of "floating diamonds". Our most popular titanium engagement ring is the JOLIE, which is available with diamond size ranging from .16ct to .50ct size.                                                               Shopping for a man's ring? Click here for men's titanium rings.
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Quick Facts:
Titanium is a great choice for women who have allergic reactions to nickel and other alloys. Titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and bio-compatible. The metal is incredibly strong - yet light as a feather! You will never break a ring made from titanium. Due to its tensile strength it is perfect for tension set type rings.

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"We are so pleased with the "Jolie" ring (.51 ct diamond). We wanted something simple and elegant- not in gold. We called with some questions and the service was wonderful. The ring was shipped almost the same day it was ordered and arrived packaged beautifully." - Joyce T. from Cederidge, CO

"The rings arrived rather quickly, well within the 3 week maximum advised. They were absolutely gorgeous, and look even better than the pictures on the website. We order the wrong sizes because I goofed on the measurement, but the free resizing within 90 days (you only pay shipping) is a fantastic deal. The lifetime sizing, refinishing, and diamond replacement (for really small stones) programs really make you feel that this is a lifetime ring. For the cost, you can't beat the quality of the rings." - Tyler H. from Arlington, TX

"The ring looks amazing, the picture does not do it justice. The customer service was great, I used the live chat system to check on my order and spoke to someone named Scott, who was extremely helpful." - Kerry Wilson from Monterey, CA.

Customer rating for Titanium Engagement Rings by Titanium Jewelry: 5 of 5 based on 41 customer reviews.