Modern Titanium Necklaces

Designed for the modern man. These titanium necklaces for men have distinctive style and are made with high quality American craftsmanship. Why a titanium necklace? Titanium is hypo allergenic and amazingly strong, while being light as a feather. So even larger designs will be very comfortable to wear all day long. Choose from the exotic black titanium or steely gray titanium. Another benefit is that titanium will never tarnish or corrode, unlike sterling silver. Shop with confidence - you get a 30 day return privilege if it is not everything you hoped for!
EM Tuxedo Necklace
EM Tuxedo Necklace
by Edward Mirell

$189.00 $215.00
Quick Facts on Titanium Necklaces:
You will notice that the necklace is incredibly lightweight when you put it on. The material is stronger than steel, but feather light.

Titanium does not tarnish or oxidize like a silver necklace does. And unlike base metals, titanium won't turn your neck green.

Have allergies to nickel? Then titanium is your perfect choice. It's non reactive and bio-compatible. So if you've had allergic reactions to 14k gold necklaces in the past you should try titanium.

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