Titanium Promise Rings

Unique promise rings crafted in the modern metal of titanium. Choose from promise rings with diamonds or sapphires. In natural color gray titanium or the exotic black titanium. Titanium is enduring, strong, unbreakable - like your love for her. Beautiful rings that don't break the bank. As with all of our rings, you get 15 day returns, free shipping and 5 year warranty. We're here to take care of you.
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Do you know when promise rings were first given?

Scholars generally give credit to the early Egyptians as the first society that had the custom of wearing rings. These rings were generally signet type rings to to insure authenticity of documents. (Think melted wax and signet ring being imprinted in it.) These rings were worn by the wealthy and powerful.

But it was later in history when the ancient Greeks began the tradition of wearing rings that had carried the symbolism of a pledge to another person. The lady wearing the ring would be constantly reminded of her love for her intended.

During the 1600's and later in England rings called "posie rings" were popular. These were seen as rings of love and the prospect of marriage.

So today, many a young man will give his sweetheart a "promise ring" as an outward expression of a promise the couple make with each other.

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