Rainbow Jewelry Collection

Are regular rings and necklaces a little too plain for you? If so, youíll adore this selection of rainbow jewelry from Edward Mirell. These rings contain a full range of colors that gently and seamlessly blend into one another to create a shimmering rainbow hue. Getting the full spectrum of color isnít something youíll find at many other jewelers, which is why these rings are so special. However, despite the unique styling, ...read more these rainbow titanium rings from Edward Mirell are incredibly wallet-friendly. The affordable price makes them the ideal choice for brides and grooms who want rainbow wedding bands without going over budget.

But these rainbow wedding rings donít have to be used just for exchanging vows. In fact, many couples are using them as commitment rings, promise rings or even anniversary gifts. They are a fun way to show your colorful side when it comes to your accessories rather than sticking with a plain gold or silver band. And because we have sizes and styles available for both men and women, these rainbow titanium rings can be used to create matching ring sets. ...read less

Speaking of titanium, it’s worth noting that the metal used in combination with the rainbow inlays is such a durable one. Titanium is known for its long-lasting durability and resistance to scratches, which makes it a favorite for keepsake items like anniversary necklaces or wedding bands. And if youíre looking for something with a little bit of bling, you can also find rainbow wedding rings with diamonds or sapphires that really bring a pop of sparkle to these colorful accessories. Find your perfect style by browsing this full collection of titanium rainbow jewelry from Edward Mirell. When you order from Titanium Jewelry, youíll get easy 15-day returns and a 5 year warranty on each product.

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My experience with Titanium Jewelery was excellent. It was the best customer experience I have ever had. There was a problem with my order but it was quickly rectified and then there was a constant stream of communication between Ron and myself to let me know what was doing on. I will definitely buy from Titanium Jewelry again.
- Andrea from Sydney, Australia

I was very impressed with the customer service as well as the product. It came within the allotted time and everyone was so helpful with the questions we had. Being in Bermuda we don't have many options and my finance has larger fingers which limited our options even more - so it was fantastic that we could order online with our Bermuda card and have the item sent straight to us in Bermuda. Will definately be using them again and recommending them to others.
- William & Martha from Bermuda

I had absolutely no problems with my order nor the entire ordering process at Titanium-Jewelry.com. The pictures that were posted were terrific quality images that perfectly match the item I received. I would definitely order from them again. The prices, the selection, and the quality are all top-notch! 100% satisfied.
- Bill Edwards from Cleveland, OH

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