EM SPORT Ring - Black Titanium Cable & Black Spinel

Black Ti, Black Cable & Black Spinel

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The Edward Mirell Midnite Cable and Black Spinel Ring is a truly unique men's ring for the forward-thinking jewelry-lover. It features a relatively wide 9.5-milimeter black titanium band with dual black titanium cable inlays. The centerpiece of this ring is its pair of matching black spinels flanking the cable inlays, which create a bold and contemporary design. Edward Mirell black spinel rings are a favorite on Pinterest, and it's not hard to see why: they ring up at just under 300 bucks, so they make excellent low-priced yet unique men's wedding bands or fashion bands. Check out our customer images at Titanium Jewelry to see this ring worn by happy customers.

  • Black titanium metal
  • Black titanium cable in lays
  • Two .12-carat matching black spinel stones
  • 9.5 millimeters wide
  • Lifetime guarantee

Ever wonder what to do if your ring gets stuck?
Read my post on removing a stuck titanium ring.

Designer:Edward Mirell
Metal:Black Titanium
Inlay:Black Titanium Cables
Stones:Two Matching Black Spinel .12ctw
Gift Box Included
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 14 reviews)

By Jordan on Sun, 15 Feb 2015
I got this ring as my wedding band. I have a sensitivity to most jewelry except stainless steel as far as I've tried. I got this ring because it was described as hypoallergenic, but I still reacted to it after a month. I am extremely disappointed because I love this ring, but can no longer wear it.

By VR on Wed, 18 Jun 2014
This is a unique-looking ring and I have gotten alot of compliments on it. It is sized perfectly and fits well, comfortable, and looks good.

By Roads Ray on Sun, 6 Apr 2014
This ring is a replacement of my wedding ring that I lost at work. The original was a Black Titanium with Silver bands that we had bought locally, but was a size 10...I wear a 9.5mm. I work out door, & it slid off in a pair of glove in the winter. My wife & I found this ring on line & knew it was the one! More glossy than the picture shows, & looks Fantastic!! The weight & feel of it is the most comfortable ring I have ever worn. You cant to better than getting this ring!

By Steve on Sat, 29 Mar 2014
This ring was a gift from my wife and I really like the look and unique design of this ring. This ring is durable.

By Jonesy on Sun, 15 Apr 2012
From the office to Vegas, from Maui to Cabo..I'm amazed at how many people notice and compliment this ring.

By Dave in Rochester on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
This ring is both classy and masculine, and has received a number of comments. At first, I was a bit disappointed that it was not black-black as shown in the picture. Rather, it's more like black chrome. Now, after wearing it a few months, I wouldn't have it any other way... the color is eyecatching.

By Bride to Be on Fri, 20 Jan 2012
This ring was everything as described. Perfect fit with other reviews saying to go a 1/2 inch bigger then normal. Unique look. Just love it!

By KB on Sat, 17 Sep 2011
A very unique look. Perfect alternative to silver.

By Vikky on Sat, 23 Jul 2011
I bought this ring for my BF. I think it looks amazing on him. Although my BF is a bit older and not really that fashionable, this ring still suits him. Although the design is very unique, it still can be worn with everything. May it be a formal dinner, office or even just to the gym, it won't over-dress or under-dress you. I think it would also be very suitable as a wedding band. Basically, it's a ring that once you put it on, never take it off :)

By Chris on Sat, 25 Jun 2011
Got this as an engagement ring from my partner of 8 years....love the ring!
COMMENT: I let him pick it out. He said it was between this and the Knight ring both of them makes a statement. He chose this one as it fit his personality more. by Susan W 4/17/2016
COMMENT: classy modern look. can't go wrong with black by Daniel H 11/24/2014
COMMENT: Unique ring and excellent customer service by Mike B 11/14/2014
COMMENT: Unique product and good reviews from others who have purchased it. by Kinsey S 7/28/2014
COMMENT: It is an attractive design. by Valen R 6/8/2014
COMMENT: Because my husband is a mechanic and not only does it remind me of a winch from a tow truck but titanium is the most durable of all metals by Crystal K 2/5/2014
COMMENT: Classy and modern wedding ring. The only thing that seemed to get me excited about wearing a ring haha. by Ryan W 11/11/2013
COMMENT: because it is unique and my fiancee is going to love it : by dana r 11/8/2013
COMMENT: wedding band by Caitlin M 7/2/2013
COMMENT: unique looking by LYLE H 2/16/2013
COMMENT: Very different and my husband is going to love it! by Terri W 2/5/2013
COMMENT: love the style! not your typical band by Kyra S 1/12/2013
COMMENT: husband like the style of the ting by sherrielyn b 6/25/2012
COMMENT: Very good looking ring and durable material. by Anssi S 6/5/2012
COMMENT: Something different and stylish. by Clinton M 2/17/2012
COMMENT: I like the look of cable rings. This black beauty is masculine and understated in appearance. by Dave D 2/2/2012
COMMENT: Excellent design! by H I 12/31/2011
QUESTION: In a review of the video I saw that there is a possibility of selection of size could be obtained sizing and to order Is it time to reach for the month of Tiraspol Moldova by Viacheslav R 8/8/2014
ANSWER: Sizing is possible, to include 1/2 sizes. keep in mind these style rings are very thick.. by Domingus L 8/10/2014
QUESTION: I have heard nightmares about similar cable-style rings beginning to fray after a while. Have any owners with a few miles on this ring run into any cable fray? by Kevin T 5/30/2012
ANSWER: I have had this ring for 6 months now and i'm using it basicly daily. So far there has been no problems with cables! Only 'problem' so far is the scratch resistancy - scratches can be seen easily from black ring. but maybe i'm a heavy user and i'm comparing the resistancy to Tungsten-ring which i'm also using daily. This ring is an eye-catcher - definitely! by Anssi S 6/5/2012
ANSWER: The cable has pulled out a few beard hairs. Other then that it's excellent. by David D 6/1/2012
ANSWER: I bought this for my husband and he has had his for almost two years and took it with him when he was deployed and it has not started to fray yet but on the cable part the black has started to wear off due to his job and he is really rough on his ring by M I 5/31/2012
ANSWER: I have had this ring for almost 5 months, wear it daily but not while doing yardwork or other such activity and the cables show no sign of fraying or coming loose. I believe you get what you pay for ie: the cheaper knockoffs that DO fray and also taking care of possessions. by Dave D 5/31/2012
ANSWER: Thank you all for the responses! As a soldier, being gentle on jewelry is not exactly feasible. You have all helped me greatly! by Kevin T 5/31/2012
ANSWER: Yes my husbands ring did fray and one of the wires came completely out..... You can't really tell unless you look close up. I do love the ring other than that!!! by P J 5/30/2012
ANSWER: Ive had no problems like that..and im pretty tough on jewlery by Greg J 5/30/2012
ANSWER: We've only had this ring for about a year, but my husband is anything but gentle on things and there's no sign of any fraying on the cable. by P E 5/30/2012
ANSWER: Not a bit. The ring looks like the day i bought it. I work with my hands and I think its held up quite well. by Rebecca H 5/30/2012
ANSWER: I have had this ring for a year and a half at this point. Let me say, I am NOT easy on any of my jewelry buy this has held up pretty good. There is slight discoloration on the cables but the ring itself looks great. There is absolutely no fraying at all on the ring.<br /><br />I would highly recommend getting it. Its a real attention getter. by B O 5/30/2012
ANSWER: Absolutely have not had this problem. My husband owns his own construction firm and wears his ring constantly. It looks as handsome as on our wedding day.<br /><br />He gets endless compliments from men and women alike. It really is a sharp uniquie ring, by D H 5/30/2012
ANSWER: Hi Kevin,<br /><br />Not sure how many miles you are looking for, but my husband has been wearing his ring since July of last year so about 10 months and it hasn't frayed at all. It wasn't something I'd ever worried about, so I will be interested to see other answers!<br /><br />Take care,<br />Tanya by T A 5/30/2012