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Titanium Diamond Engagement Ring

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This incredible ladies' engagement ring offers the distinctive "floating" diamond look. Titanium tension set engagement rings like this are part of a popular jewelry trend that has been made possible with modern innovations. The diamond is held in place by the tremendous pressure on each side of the band rather than any prongs. The result is a chic and elegant appearance that's sure to wow any woman.

This modern yet luxurious style by Jolie features a titanium engagement ring setting. The unique swirl design of this titanium tension wedding ring features a striking high-polish finish. It is available with .25ct, .35ct, and .50ct diamond sizes to suit your budget and her style.Remember: the bigger the diamond the better!

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Metal:Grey Titanium
Finish:High Polish
Diamond:.25ct, .35ct, or .50ct
Gift Box Included
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 28 reviews)

By David Egli on Sun, 25 Jun 2017
Absolutely beautiful titanium engagement ring and perfect craftsmanship! The service was fast and excellent all the way around. The chocolate was a nice surprise, too! ;) Thank you very much, Scott! David E.

By Sheldon on Wed, 15 Oct 2014
I ordered the .1 carat size. I think it is shiny and wonderful and definitely is not lost in the ring at all. If you can afford a larger diamond that is great but I can say that I am completely happy with the smallest size.

By Sheldon on Wed, 15 Oct 2014
I could only afford the 1 carat sized diamond. I can say that it is not overwhelmed by the ring at all. It really is beautiful and I think it stands on its own. If you can afford a bigger diamond great but I can say the smaller one is just fine.

By Art and Joyce on Wed, 30 Oct 2013
We purchased the Jolie for our wedding ring. It reflects our active lifestyle and simple tastes. We didn't want a lot of "busy" detailing and the Ti color sets off the whiteness of the diamond wonderfully. We purchased a .51 ct and are very happy with the quality.

By mike on Fri, 17 Jun 2011
this is an engagement ring for my girlfriend. it looks so good!! and what is important to me, very unique. I bet she and any of her friends never seen anything like this before :)

By Aaron the Farmer on Sat, 9 Apr 2011
I love the ring, and the customer service at Titanium Jewelry is fantastic. [...]

By josie on Tue, 25 Jan 2011
I was not impressed. It sticks out on your finger weird. Go with something else.

By RSS on Wed, 5 Jan 2011
My Wife love the ring. Took a little to get use to because of the thickness. But she things it is great.

By DeanTheWalker on Mon, 11 Oct 2010
One word to describe this ring... GORGEOUS! I just received it in the mail today [...]Once I opened the box a wave of relief AND eagerness overwhelmed me. My lady is going to be in tears when I present this to her while down on one knee. The GIA H/SI-1 diamond is amazingly lustrous!Titanium Jewelry... A+ with customer service, quality, and shipping!

By Julien on Wed, 29 Sep 2010
I bought this as an engagement ring. I won't pop the question until next month, so I can't comment on her reaction yet. This ring is even better in real than on the pictures, it's amazing! It's beautiful, design, shiny, and definitely unique and original! it's also really classy. I don't regret my choice at all!
COMMENT: This is a great style! by Test T 3/18/2016
COMMENT: it's quite different then any other ring because of the bypass tension setting by Kathleen W 5/8/2015
COMMENT: I love the look and think my gf will say yes with this ring by jeffrey u 2/28/2014
COMMENT: This is a beautifully unique ring. Simple and elegant. Looking forward to receiving it! by Paula M 4/19/2013
COMMENT: First my girlfriend has an allergy to metals, and Titanium is a fantastic alternative to other precious metals. Second I think Titanium has such a great look and feel about it and it makes it unique to other typical metals used for rings and such. by Jack V 3/31/2013
COMMENT: Uniqueness, pure and simple. by C M 1/1/2013
COMMENT: My girlfriend showed it to me! Hint i liked it. I bet she Loves it!! by robert g 10/6/2012
COMMENT: unique ring by scott c 5/29/2012
COMMENT: It has a unique design, and really catches the eye as being special. The love of my life also pointed out that she like this ring a lot. by David C 4/26/2012
COMMENT: For my engagement by Kieron S 4/10/2012
COMMENT: My partner want me to choose an engagement ring that is unique like me. This ring is perfect. It is unique and stunning. by Amy Y 4/4/2012
COMMENT: It was the most unique design i have found. by Jason M 3/15/2012
COMMENT: Style/class by Anthony A 2/20/2012
COMMENT: Great Style by Brian R 12/15/2011
COMMENT: I chose this ring because it was unique, simple and elegant and my wife wanted a ring that she could wear all the time without snagging some huge rock/setting on things. As a bonus, becuase there is no setting, a lot more light gets to the diamond and makes it sparkle like a much larger diamond. The bottom of the diamond does not scratch, or even touch her finger, and the bypass point that stick out past the diamind are rounded and sit close to your finger so they do not catch or snag on things. by T M 11/20/2011
COMMENT: I received it as a gift. I love its unique design. It is understated, yet elegant and eye catching. by D E 10/23/2011
QUESTION: Can I order this titanium engagement ring with a different colored diamond Blue is my favorite color. by Becky D 9/27/2016
STAFF ANSWER: I love blue as well! Good choice for a diamond. We can set blue diamonds or actually almost any fancy colored diamond into this titanium engagement ring for you. Please give our customer service line a call so we can discus fancy colored diamonds for your engagement ring. Just ask for Scott.<br />Thanks,<br />Scott Mackey by Scott M 9/28/2016
QUESTION: Can this ring be made in black titanium What about a black diamond Thanks. by Charlie C 8/28/2016
STAFF ANSWER: We are not able to make the design in black titanium. Different production teams have tried and due to the metal expanding during the blackening process it just has not worked out. We can set a black diamond into this model. The black diamonds are a little deeper than the white ones so if we make this ring for a black diamond the top of the ring will need to be a little more thick to accommodate the stone. by Scott M 8/30/2016
QUESTION: Hi. I normally buy a size 6 in US size 16.5 diameter, would I purchase the same in the Jolie ring Thanks Zelda by Zelda V 6/24/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Hi Zelda,<br /><br />These sizes are US sizes, so if US size 6 has worked for you before it should also work for the Jolie ring.<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Scott by Scott M 6/28/2016
QUESTION: Hi, I am looking at purchasing the Jolie titanium engagement ring, there is no option on the diamond tab to choose the 0.50ct diamond only all random diamonds, which am I to choose to get a DIAMOND as in the picture? by Zelda V 6/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Zelda,<br /><br />Sorry for the confusion. Currently, we have 3 diamonds available in the drop down "Diamond" options which are the same size as the diamond in the picture. They are the .52ct GIA graded G color, SI2 clarity, the .54ct GIA graded E color, SI1 clarity and the .52ct EGL USA graded G color, VS2 clarity.<br /><br />Any of those 3 diamonds will give you the size you are looking for.<br /><br />If we can help more, feel free to call us at 1-800-370-2646. We look forward to helping you! by Ron Y 6/21/2016
QUESTION: How should I clean the ring? by Linda S 3/17/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Linda,<br /><br />Titanium can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft bristle toothbrush. Titanium also is inert, so you don't have to worry about it reacting to chemicals. However, we still recommend using mild soaps. You could also have it professionally cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. And if you ever need the titanium polished and buffed we would be happy to refurbish it for you for. There is a small refurbishing fee.<br /><br />Have a nice day!<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Scott Mackey by Scott M 3/17/2016
QUESTION: Does anyone have a picture of this ring withthe .16 diamond? by None N 2/13/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Hello, I apologize for the delay. I have been trying to figure out how to add an image on this app.<br />However, "Turnto" the service provider doesn't have the capability to allow me to attach an item from my computer.<br /><br />Please shoot me an email: Ron@<a href="http://Titanium-Jewelry.com" target="_blank">Titanium-Jewelry.com</a> and I will reply with an attached picture of the ring.<br /><br />Thank you! by Ron Y 2/17/2016
QUESTION: Why is there not a size 7 I bought the ring sizer and I need a 7 but there are never any for sale. by Angela S 9/21/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Angela,<br /><br />Oops! We are fixing this now. By the time you read this the size 7 should be back on the size list.<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Scott by Scott M 9/23/2014
QUESTION: This is a question for the staff.<br />I would like to get this ring for my wife for Valentine's day. Can you place a different stone in this setting such as 5mm cubic Zirconia? by M B 12/20/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Hello M B,<br /><br />We should be able to help you. Please email <a href="http://sales@titanium-jewelry.com" target="_blank">sales@titanium-jewelry.com</a><br /><br />Thank you! by Steven M 12/20/2013
QUESTION: What if the diamond falls out Can you fix it? by None N 8/8/2013
ANSWER: The diamond will most certainly NOT just fall out. the titanium is under considerable mechanical load and you would basically have to destroy the ring or the diamond to remove it. <br /><br />If the diamond were to come out naturally, that would be due to a manufacturing defect which you would have to sort out with T-J customer support. <br /><br />bottom line: While this ring looks delicate, it can most certainly take a dingin' and keep on blingin' by S L 8/9/2013
ANSWER: Why would it fall outMy wife's ring is still intact. by Ismael B 8/8/2013
ANSWER: I have no idea, that may be a question best posed to Titanium Jewelry, but I've had mine for years and never had any concerns or issues. I love it and receive compliments about it all the time by Helen F 8/8/2013
ANSWER: The only way that the diamond will fall out is if you pry to tongs apart that are holding it. When I bought mine for my to be Fiancee I took it to a jeweler be sure it would stay. The jeweler informed me that he could barely pry the tongs apart without using great force. So I feel safe that the diamond will never fall out. by Jack V 8/8/2013
STAFF ANSWER: We have an excellent diamond warranty. It covers diamonds up to .33ct. If this size ever falls out you can send it back for replacement. If your diamond is larger than .33ct we can issue you an appraisal at no charge. This was you can have it covered by jewelry insurance. Then if you loose the ring and or diamond it would be replaced at no charge to you. by Scott M 8/8/2013
QUESTION: This a question for the staff: <br />I want to purchase this style as an upgrade, if I send you my current diamond can you transfer it into this setting We are upgrading for our 20th. My husband is getting a whole new ring but I can't depart with the diamond he gave me. by Mary T 2/2/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Happy anniversary!<br />At this time we are not able to set our customer's stones. However if you give us the dimensions of your round stone we can make the ring for the correct round size and send it to you without a stone. Then you can have it set locally by a goldsmith. Please contact our service department so we can get your stone's dimensions. by Scott M 2/5/2013
QUESTION: In the pictures, what size diamond is shown? by None N 3/7/2012
STAFF ANSWER: We photographed this ring with a .50ct round diamond in it, measuring 5.05mm in diameter. This mounting really highlights the diamond. Some ladies have said the diamond looks bigger than typical in this mounting. Hope this helps! by Ron Y 3/8/2012
QUESTION: my wife is allergic to simple gold Ni, Cd alloys etc . I am thinking of alternative metals to counter act the effect,. I would appreciate comments from anyone with a similar need or comments re allergic reactions This ring is eye catching and i added it to my wish list. by william p 1/4/2012
ANSWER: My wife is also allergic to gold and has no issues wearing this ring. by W A 2/12/2012
ANSWER: With no medical expertise, I can't comment on the potential for an allergic reaction in humans, but as a Professional Engineer, I use titanium in commercial applications because of its neutral reaction to environmental conditions. Remember also that most surgical implants such as knee joints, hips, splints, plates, and scews are titanium, because it is non-reactive. by D E 2/12/2012
ANSWER: A great ring and my wife love it. by C R 2/11/2012
ANSWER: I purchased this ring for my-now wife's engagement ring. She also has similar reactions to simple gold. She's worn the ring now for our entire engagement without any problems. We have also received many comments about how unique and different it is. We are working with TJ to have a band custom made to fit around it so that way the two rings join. She loves it. by Sam J 1/20/2012
ANSWER: Titanium and Surgical grade Stainless Steel shouldn't have these effects. I bought this ring for my fiance a few months back and she hasn't had any problems. It is for sure eye catching and has recieved many compliments. The pic posted is probably the biggest diamond you can get in that style; so you might keep that in mind when purchasing it. I bought the smallest one and it looks fantastic. Happy hunting. by T Y 1/12/2012
QUESTION: Can a princess cut diamond be put in, instead of round? by Peter H 12/20/2011
ANSWER: I don't think a princess cut would work with this setting. The round largest part of the diamond is embedded in the sides of the titanium to hold it in place. Also this is a thick ring, thicker than any I've ever tried. If the person you are buying it for has small fingers, it can be a bit bulky. Hope this helps! by A M 12/23/2011
STAFF ANSWER: Unfortunately no a princess cut cannot be put in this ring. Although it would really look amazing! But with princess cuts you have the corners of the diamond, which are brittle and would most likely snap off and break when you tried to set into this mounting. by Ron Y 12/20/2011
QUESTION: My lady likes this engagement ring I gave her. Now I am looking for a wedding band that would complement it that she can wear at the same time.. Any suggestions? by Chip C 12/11/2011
ANSWER: I was in the same situation, and while I am sure Titaniam-jewlery will not be happy about this, I found a ring at another site. I have the barrel ring, and the wife has this ring. for the wedding band we got the etoile from a competitor. I would love to have titanium-jewelry make to make something similar so that it matches better, but this the companion ring is always an option. by DAVID H 3/17/2015
ANSWER: I chose to go with a different wedding band, and have my ring resized to fit my right hand instead. It is a lot of ring on it's own, and it will be quite bulky with another ring on the same finger believe me, I tried a few things on myself while looking for a wedding band. I would suggest finding a wedding band that she loves, and get the engagement ring resized if it doesn't fit on another finger. They do resizing for a small fee here, which is good because titanium tension sets can't actually be resized, they have to be replaced--which is why this dealer does so. by Jessica L 1/3/2013
REPLY: That is what we did. We found a different wedding band style and switched the engagement ring to another finder on the right hand. It is a lot of ring just by it self as you say. Thanks for the reply. by Chip C 1/3/2013
ANSWER: I don't think this particular style of ring would go well with another ring unless the other ring was specifically designed to fit with this one. by T H 12/20/2011
ANSWER: I would love to know if anyone does. I bought this ring for my girl over a year ago and I have not found anything other than custom made options. by C E 12/12/2011
STAFF ANSWER: In my humble opinion, I think this ring should be worn by itself. The design and shape is so unique that I think another ring next to it would not compliment it but possibly detract from it.<br /><br />However, possibly a diamond wedding band might look ok. Here is one that looks very nice on ladies fingers: <a href="http://www.titanium-jewelry.com/eternity-band-2.html" target="_blank">http://www.titanium-jewelry.com/eternity-band-2.html</a><br />It is not an eternity band, but the diamonds go around about 50% of the way. <br /><br />Hope this helps!<br />Ron by Ron Y 12/12/2011
QUESTION: Is it practical to wear daily How often does this ring snag on fabric, hair and other things I was thinking of getting the larger .25 diamond. by Chip C 9/5/2011
ANSWER: I got it with a larger diamond as well, a .43 carat. It never really snags on anything, but be aware that it is very thick and may be uncomfortable to the fingers next to the finger its worn on and takes some getting used to. Because its thick all the way around rather than just on top, it also seems to have a tendancy to rotate on your finger while you wear it. by S T 10/27/2011
REPLY: I have ordered the .44 ct. she is use to wearing a thicker ring but not one with a diamond. thanks for yr response! by Chip C 10/27/2011
ANSWER: Yes, it will catch on hair, ect, but not any more then a 'normal' ring. It is practical to wear daily and is super light and comfortable - this all according to my wife. by W A 10/25/2011
REPLY: thanks for asking the wife.....I have ordered the ring. by Chip C 10/25/2011
ANSWER: That's the size I have. It's my engagement/wedding ring, and I've worn it daily for over a year now.<br />I love the ring, it's so beautiful. However I have to say, the two ends points of the ring do scratch and chafe my finger, but I've gotten used to it. It doesn't snag or catch on other things though.<br />Hope this helps!<br />-Elizabeth by S T 10/24/2011
REPLY: Thanks for your honesty by Chip C 10/24/2011
ANSWER: Hi Chip,<br />I have had the .25 diamond Bypass Titanium Ring since March of 2010. I have had no problems with snagging on anything, hair or otherwise. I do however, remove all my jewelry when I go to bed for the night, so I can't address any issues that might arise from sleeping with it on.<br />I love my ring and wear it daily. I find that it is easy to care for and that it retains its luster and sparkle.<br />Coleen K. by D E 10/23/2011
REPLY: Thanks Coleen. I appreciate your response. I am buying! by Chip C 10/23/2011
ANSWER: I wear this daily as a wedding ring. I've found it to be very practical and have had no problems with snagging. It's a great ring- simple and elegant and doesn't collect grime on the edges of the stone. I'd recommend it to anyone. by T H 10/23/2011
ANSWER: I bought this ring for my wife as an engagement ring,half carat, she loves it. It is a thicker than normal ring, however. she said she has yet to snag it in her hair or on her clothing. She has worn it every day for the last year and a half, and still shows it off. However, there are no jewelers local to us that can buff/polish this ring. southwest ohio by T H 10/22/2011
REPLY: what is the difficulty in buffing this type of ring? by Chip C 10/23/2011
REPLY: not sure, just not a common metal i suppose. by T H 10/24/2011
ANSWER: yeah the ring is very practical to wear daily. my wife wears it everywhere. she has not said anything about it catching or snagging anything. one down side was at first the two points on the ring would rub her finger. but now she is used to it and it doesn't irritate her at all. she likes it a lot! Good luck! by A A 10/22/2011
REPLY: It does sound like a ring that can be worn everyday and with a sparkle to it. Thanks by Chip C 10/22/2011
ANSWER: I love this ring and would wear it everyday if I could. Initially I did have to do some adjusting , scratched my husband and daughter and minimal snagging. Haven't had any problems since. I love that its uniique and I get lots of compliments. It is much lighter weight than other tension set rings. ie. white gold. One other thing I had to get used to was the bulkiness of the band but it is still worth having this beautiful ring on my finger. Last just make sure you have the correct sizing I thinkj this has a comfort fit so, for me it added a 1/2 size. by N R 10/22/2011
ANSWER: Hi,<br /><br />This was an engagement ring for my fiancée, and she wears it everyday for a year today it's been once year night since we're engaged.<br />As far as I know, it never snagged on fabric or hair or anything else. The edges are not that sharps.<br /><br />I took the 0.16 diamond, which is bigger than expected. by J U 10/22/2011
ANSWER: My fiancee wears it religiously. Originally I had similar concerns, and the worst she encounters is the occasional catch of a hair- but with mild adjustment those have become a thing of the past.<br /><br />It does very rarely catch on clothing, but lets go just as quickly. It's surprisingly flush to the finger and the rounded edges make it completely benign to causing scratches. I went with the .25 as well.<br /><br />Whatever minor inconveniences, they are no more than any other ring with a diamond and an edge or two and believe me- WELL worth it. The ring is beautiful, she stares at it constantly, and I 'm a little nervous about letting her drive by herself because of it. I had the benefit of it being the ring she selected herself well before I made plans to propose, so it was exactly what she wanted. She gets constant compliments, and she's very happy.<br /><br />I think you will be too. by A P 10/21/2011
ANSWER: I wore this ring daily with a 0.5 carat diamond, and I ended up losing it because it was too uncomfortable when I rubbed my hands together to wash hands/put on lotion, etc. The top part did not get snagged on fabric, but the part of the ring that sits by your palm is too square and bulky. by R O 10/21/2011
ANSWER: Sh.e wears on and off, but about three times a week. It looks great ! by C R 10/21/2011
REPLY: thanks for the info...they have my order! by Chip C 10/21/2011
ANSWER: I got the .50 diamond and my wife loves it and wears it every day. It does not snag into fabric or hair at all, since the diamond is on the back of the finger. She has got nothing but compliments and if I had to choose again, it would be the exact same one. by R O 10/21/2011
ANSWER: The ring holds up very well for daily use. My wife hasn't had any complaints about the ring, and she wears it daily. I would recommend the bigger diamond, if you want to spend a bit more, but the way that the set is done, you will still be pleased with the sparkle on the smallest diamond that they offer by D M 10/21/2011
REPLY: I ordered a larger diamond and hoping to see the sparkle! thanks by Chip C 10/21/2011
ANSWER: Yes, my wife's wearing it every day. No snags or anything. by A L 10/21/2011
REPLY: Thanks, I have place my order for the .44 ct and looking forward to giving it away! by Chip C 10/21/2011
ANSWER: My wife wears this ring daily and it doesn't snag on anything. I got the largest size they offer in it, not sure what size it was. <br />She loves it and it get's looks all of the time.<br /><br />We have no complaints about this ring. by C E 10/21/2011
ANSWER: I would have to say that it depends on the wearers profession. My now wife works in an office atmosphere so she does wear it every day with no drawbacks or complaints at all, nor has ever made comments on snags in clothing, hair etc.<br />If I remember correctly the diamond does not pertrude past the ring itself. If it does it is very minimal.<br />I purchased the biggest diamond that was offered and it is beautiful by R M 10/21/2011
REPLY: Go info on how far it protrudes...I have place my order. thanks by Chip C 10/21/2011
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