EDWARD MIRELL Black Titanium Rainbow Ring - Set

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Black Titanium Rainbow Rings

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Whether you're searching for that perfect same-sex wedding band set or want to show your love for the full color spectrum, the Edward Mirell Matching Rainbow Inlay Rings from Titanium Jewelry are a bold and colorful choice. This affordable matching wedding band set comes with two rings, both of which are constructed from Edward Mirell's strong and feather-light black titanium in a natural gray color. You're sure to stand out in a crowd when you rock these rings thanks to their rainbow anodized titanium groove and polished titanium finish. Each 6-millimeter wide band is fitted with a comfort fit interior for irritation-free, all-day wear.

  • Unisex
  • 6 millimeters wide
  • Made of black titanium
  • Lifetime guarantee

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Designer:Edward Mirell
Metal:Black Titanium
Finish:Polished / Shiny
Groove:Rainbow Anodized Titanium
Gift Box Included
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By gerald orndoff on Sat, 25 Mar 2017
when the rings came they were stunning . my finger is too big so mine stays in the safe . however , my husband wears his ring . he takes it of to wash dishes , he takes it off at work , he is a nurse . we thought he was protecting it well enough . when the color faded in the inlay i sent a message . no reply , so i called . they said the ring was lifetime warrantee but not the inlay . it would cost me to send it in but no favorable end result . i trusted this company as well as edward mirell . i guess i was wrong to trust them . unbelievably disappointed

By Gerald Orndoff on Tue, 6 Dec 2016
the rings came exactly when they said they would , they are beautiful . i can't wait for my big day so i can wear it forever

By Callum on Tue, 26 Jul 2016

By Disappointed in Alabama on Wed, 2 Apr 2014
I brought this product for valentines day. Stated 2 day shipping, didn't get product until almost 3 weeks later. Stated to add a half size for rings but I still had to return it because it was too little. Had to pay for return shipping which was misleading when it was indicated free returns for life. Asked did I want to add a card for the gift and I did but never received it. Had told the person I was giving it to that I wrote something special inside. Not pleased at all with the service or product. Could have got something better elsewhere. Left me very disappointed.

By Jordan on Tue, 26 Nov 2013
A beautiful ring. A couple things to note, however: 1. The ring itself to my eyes appears more of a dark slate color; I wouldn't call it black. 2. The rainbow coloring inside is beautiful. But it's not like all of the pictures. I'm not sure if the coloring is different for each ring, but mine seems to be mostly gold on one side and blue on the other, with only a little red and purple fading in between the blue and gold on each side. 3. The ring fits very comfortably on my finger - goes on easily but does not slide off; definitely one of the more comfortable rings I've worn. The only slightly uncomfortable piece is the middle where the rainbow color is - the black part of the ring does not have a smooth edge there. I don't notice it when I'm wearing the ring, but I do when I'm playing with it or turning it. I've only owned the ring less than a week so can't speak to its longevity. But overall I'm very happy with the ring and would definitely recommend it.

By The Pursers on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
My husband and I used these rings for our wedding. They were everything the pictures promised, and they are wondeful!

By ALKD on Fri, 16 Sep 2011
These rings are our wedding bands, and we love them. The band is a little thick, so it did take a little getting used to, but it has never been uncomfortable to wear. We have gotten so many compliments on these bands; they are fairly unique and so much fun. I love twisting the band around to display whichever color/s best suit my mood.

By kprice911 on Thu, 18 Aug 2011
Absolutely gorgeous bands! My partner and I were married in 2008 and our custom gold bands took a beating during that the last 3 years. When one of the bands finally broke, we decided to find a more sturdy replacement set. We found them, but we never anticipated that they would be this beautiful! Gorgeous, eye-catching design, always manages to get compliments anywhere we go. Superior quality, especially for the price. Will definately refer others and hopefully have future purchases as well. Thank you so much for this amazing idea that made our dreams come true.

By Hobbs on Wed, 6 Jul 2011
We wanted matching rings & WE love them. They are Unique & can be worn any place at any time!

By T on Thu, 9 Jun 2011
These were purchased as a surprise for the other half, as a type of we can't legally get married at this time, but want to promise that to each other... it was a great surprise. [...] The rings are of great quality.. we are HARD LABOR workers, and so far for the last month we have had them, there is only one of ours that has a scratch, but we were expecting this out of working with rims and tires daily.. very nice all around, no complaints. For the females finger, the 6mm band is a bit bigger than what she wanted but, fits comfortably.. thanks so much! great deal, had a surprise % taken off at checkout, that was the selling factor for me, I wanted to just see how much the total was, but when I got the additional taken off, I ordered right then.
COMMENT: Perfect match for our wedding and best price for the guarantee you offered. by Sande M 5/26/2016
COMMENT: Awesome design by Levi W 10/15/2015
COMMENT: My wife and I didn't want traditional wedding bands. We liked the look and design as well as the price of these rings. by Thomas H 7/26/2014
COMMENT: Getting Married by Joan A 2/4/2014
COMMENT: Unique style fit our personal story. by Riley C 2/13/2013
COMMENT: Because I love my fiancã©e and she loves me! by Jeffrey G 10/29/2012
COMMENT: Love the look of these rings! Very beautiful! I cannot wait to receive them! by Todd G 9/7/2012
COMMENT: Unique bands made from a durable metal. A conversation piece. The whole idea of owning black titanium rings is intriguing. by Joseph B 6/7/2012
COMMENT: My husband and I wanted rings that we both found attractive but were masculine and strong. I work with my hands everyday so we have to have something thats not going to break easily.The rings are amazing and I have no regrets. by R W 4/25/2012
COMMENT: My husband and I wanted matching wedding bands and these were perfect. They're not too masculine or feminine...they're just right! by A N 4/25/2012
COMMENT: These looked absolutely beautiful! by Jessica W 11/30/2011
COMMENT: wedding bands that look unique. by alfred j 11/27/2011
QUESTION: Hi, me and my fiance love this ring but we have a slight problem my ring finger is size 4 or 4.5 is also fine. Is there any way we can order a 4 or 4.5 ring size for me We are desperate, as our wedding will be on May 7th. Thanks! by Joanne D 4/17/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Hello! These models are only available as small as size 5 from the designer. I am sorry for the inconvenience. We do have a ring we call "Iris" and we have it starting at size 4 and up. Instead of 6mm and black it is 4mm and gray, but it has the same rainbow pattern in the center groove. by Scott M 4/20/2016
QUESTION: I am interested in this ring .<br />Were can record a phrase in Them ? by mauricio m 10/10/2014
ANSWER: You could have one engraved inside the band where it touches your finger. It would not show up well in the anodized inset. by Riley C 10/12/2014
ANSWER: If you are takking about etching an inscription inside the band I would assume you could, but would be very selectivenon who you use. You get what you pay for most the time. by Heather A 10/12/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Mauricio,<br />Sorry for the late reply. YES, we can have the manufacturer engrave the rings for you!<br /><br />When you order the rings, on the order form, find COMMENTS SECTION. There you can write what you would like engraved.<br /><br />You can also use live chat today on the website and let our customer service know what you want engraved. We are open today until 5pm Saturday, Pacific Time zone.<br /><br />Thank you. by Ron Y 10/11/2014
ANSWER: This we edition can only be answered by Titanium I did not try to engrave mine. I do love the ring. They are so unique. by Joan A 10/11/2014
QUESTION: I was wondering if the anodized fades off easy on this rings? by Frank P 2/23/2014
ANSWER: After 2 years the rings have faded to a gunmetal gray. by Scott C 2/26/2014
ANSWER: Its been over a year and our set looks as good as when we bought them. The anodized gets dull with soap residue from time to time, but a quick scrub with a soft toothbrush gets it sparkling again. by Riley C 2/25/2014
ANSWER: I bought the rings in September of 2012, and the rainbow is still very lovely! The colors are vibrant. I no longer wear the ring because we are no longer together. That has nothing to do with the rings though! Best wishes for a long and happy marriage! by Todd G 2/23/2014
ANSWER: Not to my knowledge. by Debra S 2/23/2014
ANSWER: Mine still looks the same from the day I bought them in march 2012 by Carlos P 2/23/2014
QUESTION: These seem to be very striking. Do you think they are more so in the black than in the gray/silver color How comfortable are they Do they scratch easily Does the guy ring look masculine and would it on a 6ft 2in guy<br /><br />Thanks!<br />Karen by KAREN T 4/25/2012
ANSWER: They do look black, unless compared against a darker surface. There are no scratches after 1,5 years of use and the color hasn't dimmed either. Rings have a smooth inner surface and feel very comfortable to wear. The only two negative things I can think of is that if you're carrying something very heavy with the ring hand, the edges bite a bit into other fingers and that at least the rings we got seem to have less of the rainbow coloring than the ones in the picture a quarter on opposite sides of the colored band is just solid blue and yellow. by R S 4/30/2012
ANSWER: They are very striking. We purchased the black over the grey/silver in order to have the rainbow more visible as a contrast. They are very comfortable, in fact I don't realize I have it on most of the time. We've had ours for nearly a year now and I have not noticed any scratches. I'm a 5' 11" guy and it looks great on me. Sean by H S 4/28/2012
ANSWER: They are more black than grey and are very shiny. They are titanium so they are very hard to scratch. The colors in the middle are beautiful. They are extremely comfortable as they are rounded on the inside. They do not catch easily on things either. I can't wait till I get the one with the diamond! Both rings look exactly the same just in the sizes that you choose. To me they both look a little masculine. The diamond one is not rounded on the inside as far as I can tell. I know this is more information than you are looking for but I hope this was helpful. by K B 4/27/2012
ANSWER: They ring looks sort of like the color of hematite jewelry if you have ever seen that I don't even feel like I have the ring on sometimes so it is very comfortable! I do a lot with my hands so my ring has some spots where I have bumped it but it's not bad, my partners ring is pretty good as well. I think the ring looks masculine enough, the rainbow inside is more like a prism so he shouldn't have to worry. Also the ring is not overly thick and not too thin so he should be good! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!! by M I 4/25/2012
ANSWER: Hello Karen<br />I have been wearing mine for almost two years now and Find it to be very comfortable. I dont feel like I have a ring on and thats a good thing as rings have always bugged me in the past. I work with my hands everyday and have no scratches or nicks. And it cleans up easily if you get something on it. I do find the black to be the most striking and yes they look Masculine Im over 6 1in and I love Mine. Hope this helps.<br />Rob by R W 4/25/2012
ANSWER: it looks black. it is little bigger than a normal wedding band, you can feel it at the begining, but after while you kind get use to it. I bought the set 2 years ago, wear it everyday, scratch just little bit. way better than pt,gold or sveilr. It will look pretty manly on a big guy. by L I 4/25/2012
ANSWER: My husband and I bought our rings in the black color. We never regretted our decision. These rings are very comfortable and very smooth on the inside. They do not scratch easily but they can get scratches depending on your occupation. My husband is actually 6'2" and the ring looks great on him. I thought that the ring would look too masculine for me the wife but we have both been complimented on our rings : by A N 4/25/2012
ANSWER: p.s.What kind of engagement ring, if any, would you picture going with this <br /><br />Thanks,<br />Karen by KAREN T 4/25/2012