Titanium & Sapphire Diagonal Ring by Edward Mirell

Titanium & Sapphire Diagonal Ring by Edward Mirell

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For a true-blue romance, there's nothing better than the Edward Mirell Titanium and Blue Sapphire Ring. This dazzling ring makes the perfect blue sapphire promise ring or commitment ring for ladies who prefer something truly unique. It's made of gray titanium metal in a shiny finish and features a blue, anodized titanium groove for added dimension. The crown jewel, so to speak, of this sweet ring is its diagonally-set square blue sapphire at the center. It's a genuine Thai sapphire weighing .19-carats. This is an exceptional ring with a whole lot of character! Blue promise rings by Edward Mirell are durable, lightweight and hypoallergenic.

  • 3-millimeter princess cut .19-carat blue sapphire
  • Gray titanium metal
  • 4 millimeters wide

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Designer:Edward Mirell
Metal:Grey Titanium
Finish:Polished / Shiny
Groove:Blue Anodized Titanium
Stone:3mm Princess Cut Blue Sapphire
Gift Box Included
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 8 reviews)

By Paul on Mon, 13 Jan 2014
My wife needed a ring to wear for work instead of her normal sapphire wedding ring and band. My wedding band is from Titanium Jewelry and I have been very satisfied with it. Found the titanium and sapphire diagonal ring. Purchased the ring as a Christmas gift. The ring fits great, looks great and is distintive. It even looks great paired with my wife's sapphire wedding ring instead of her normal band. Very pleased with the purchase.

By Lilly on Fri, 20 Apr 2012
great fit, great look

By Peg on Sat, 14 Apr 2012
My boyfriend and I thought this would make a nice promise ring for me, so we ordered it. When it arrived, we were both initially disappointed with its looks. The gray titanium was nice, but the edges were much squarer and thicker than I had imagined. Also, on my particular ring, the blue inlay in the band was not electric blue but a pale grayish blue, and the sapphire was almost black, you could only see a bit of blue in bright light. I tried to like it, and wore it that weekend on a trip out of town, but it wasn't comfortable either. The band was so thick that it hurt to grip anything tightly, it would dig into my neighboring fingers. We returned it that next week and have found a thin-banded gold ring for me since then that I love.

By DeliriousKris on Sat, 20 Aug 2011
I bought this ring as my wedding band and purchased the matching gray titanium band with two blue grooves from Edward Mirell for my husband. They match perfectly, and the ring fits exceptionally! I love the way it looks and I can't wait to wear it! The blue isn't quite as bright as shown in the picture, but it isn't any less beautiful! I also love that the sapphire is set IN to the band rather than on top like most rings. I catch my engagement ring on everything, so I love the smoothness of this ring!

By Steph, beach comber on Wed, 8 Jun 2011
RIng was made ,[...] for a wedding. [...] Very pleased.

By holly on Thu, 3 Jun 2010

By Stryker on Thu, 27 May 2010
This was an absolutely fabulous buy. They were a little smaller than I was expecting, but that's because most titanium rings are bulky and uncomfortable. These are absolutely perfect. :) I had these rings custom made in Black-Ti. Would highly recommend it - especiall for only [$], these are perfect!

By Pechard on Sat, 22 May 2010
I had this particular ring made in a black-ti instead, and I have to say I was absolutely amazed. They were a little thinner than I was expecting which was a welcome surprise. We're using this as our wedding ring and welcome the very differant, beautiful quality it has. I would gladly buy from them again - especially since they do customs I am all the happier to do so!
COMMENT: I picked this ring because my soon to be fiance' is a sci-fi girl and wanted something that looked futuristic, with a blue stone. We've already looked at a number of rings together and she liked the simple designs of the titanium rings. I'm going to propose to her with this ring... by Charles F 2/1/2014
COMMENT: Previously purchased men's titanium wedding band from Edward Mirell. Very happy with fit and finish of previous purchase. The item I am now ordering looks nice and also had good reviews by purchasers. by Paul P 12/6/2013
COMMENT: Love the color and gemstone shape. by Lynne N 9/18/2012
COMMENT: I got for our 15th wedding anniversary. by Daniel D 2/15/2012
QUESTION: What is the typical wait time for two of these We're planning a Valentine wedding and are under the gun. Thank you by shelley t 2/4/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Hello Shelley,<br /><br />Thanks for asking! What sizes do you need<br /><br />Most sizes ship within 3-5 days at the longest. by Ron Y 2/4/2015
QUESTION: Was this ring the size you expected Is the blue stone the same color as what they show online Is the stone easy to get caught on things like hair or clothing Lastly, is it easily scratched Should I not wear it to the beach by CJ S 12/19/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The width of the ring is 4mm. And finger size is up to you. We hand pick nice colorful blue sapphires to match the color in the picture. The sapphire is held in by quite a bit of tension. However I imagine since it is a sharp corner you could catch the sapphire on loosely threaded clothing. Sapphire is a 9 on the hardness scale so you won scratch that very easily. However titanium is about a 7 and can be scratched with normal wear. Titanium can be buffed out quite easily. So if you want to wear it to the beach go for it! However we might need to buff your titanium afterwards. by Scott M 12/31/2013
REPLY: Thank you. My husband actually surprised me with this very ring Christmas morning!!! I only wish that I had it in a different size to wear it on a different finger. However, it is a perfect fit for my 4.5 size ring finger. Looks great! by CJ S 12/31/2013
STAFF REPLY: You're welcome. Very cool! Let us know if you want to do a size exchange to get it on the finger you prefer. Thanks! by Scott M 12/31/2013
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