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Ladies Black Zirconium & Princess Cut Diamondesque Diagonal Ring

Black Zirconium & Diamondesque Diagonal Ring

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Your special girl isn't average, so why should her ring be? This unique engagement ring / promise ring / I love you ring is perfect for the offbeat gal who likes things cool and contemporary. Sound like your lady? Read on!

It's constructed from sleek black zirconium and has a 3-millimeter white cubic zirconia that's diagonally set at the center. Simple yet striking.

  • 4-millimeters wide
  • 3-millimeter princess cut cubic zirconia
  • Made of black zirconium metal

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Metal:Black Zirconium
Stone:3mm Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia
Diamond Quality:Top Notch VS clarity / G-H color
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Avg. Customer Rating:               (based on 14 reviews)

By Anonymous on Fri, 16 Feb 2018
My ring is still too big and I am very disappointed that the diamond in my original ring isn't the same diamond used in my resized ring.

By Bookey on Thu, 10 Jul 2014
This ring is just what a girl wants! The contrast is just eyecatching. I love how the Black Titanium just brings out the Sparkling White Diamond. This ring is unique and very comfortable to wear.

By sandbox on Tue, 30 Aug 2011
In the search for the perfect ring I looked no further once I visited this site. I always prefer something different as apposed to something conventional and so does she. This ring was different. Black instead of gold which really make the diamond pop. Simple and elegant, not gaudy nor cheap. She really didn't want a diamond to begin with but when I gave her this ring her first words were "I love it." We couldn't be happier.

By Broadus-Hayden on Wed, 17 Aug 2011
This ring is my wedding band and I absolutely adore it! The diamond is of the highest quality and it compliments the black band flawlessly. My only complaint is after only a week of wearing the ring it's already scratched. It is hidden on the back side of the band, but it isn't black all the way through so it is noticable. Be VERY gentle with this ring!

By Kels on Wed, 10 Aug 2011
I love this ring. My husband and I got this ring when we got married 3 years ago. I still get tons of compliments on it and it's so unique. The only down falls are that you can't put lotion on while wearing it because the edges of the diamond will cut you, and I've had to send it back in because I lost the diamond. And lately about once a week I look down and the diamond is turned sideways, I have to pop it back into place, luckily I haven't lost it again.

By ash on Wed, 20 Jul 2011
gave it as a engagment ring

By Rob and Kimee on Wed, 18 May 2011
This is the ring we got for me for my wedding band. It is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to have it on my finger daily! It matches perfectly with my white and black diamond engagement ring. It is true to size. The diamond is clear and has great sparkle to it.

By Nurse Victoria on Sun, 19 Sep 2010
I chose this ring online as a favourite when my fiancee and I decided to choose titanium rings. When it finally arrived, not only was I thrilled with the beauty of the ring, but the box itself was perfect. Everything for my wedding is red and black, and the box carrying my ring just so happened to be red and black. The ring itself is beautiful and light; it is extremely comfortable. I am a nurse and I constantly work with my hands, so one of the best qualities I discovered in this ring is that it stays perfectly situated on my finger. My normal ring size is a 7, we ordered a 7, and it was perfect. Very true to size. The diamond is gorgeous!!! It's cut is lovely, and it was incredibly polished when we received it. I have done much to it since I received it four months ago that would cause plain gold to bend and scratch, and the titanium remains unscathed. We are so happy with this ring, that we will definitely purchase our wedding bands from this site.

By Paul the bear on Wed, 4 Aug 2010
My Fiance loves the ring. its stylish, unique, light weight as if nothing is on her finger. she has banged it arround already a few times and with no scratches or dents. she is getting so many compliments on it and being asked what other styles they have because they love the look and feel of the ring..

By Twyce on Fri, 11 Jun 2010
the ring is stunning without being overly extravagant, the beauty is in it's simplicity. my fiance' (who is now my fiance' after i proposed with this ring) really loves it, and she gets compliments on it from everybody she knows, even from random strangers that she comes across. this ring is a winner.
COMMENT: Because my girlfriend didn't want white gold like everybody else has by Bradley H 4/10/2015
COMMENT: Simple, clean and elegant. by Andrew C 12/15/2013
COMMENT: Very beutiful and unusual. I've worn it for years and still no scratches. I went to engrave it here in Sweden, and they'd never seen a ring like this before. I get comments all the time! by I N 4/17/2013
COMMENT: It's simple, sleek and elegant. by George Q 8/7/2012
COMMENT: This ring is perfect for my wife. It is definitely different and boldly simple by D U 11/25/2011
QUESTION: If this ring is ordered and is of the wrong size, can it be exchanged for a ring that has a better fit? by None N 11/1/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Absolutely! We want you to be happy with your purchase. That's why we offer a 90 day exchange policy. If Within 90 days you decide that you would rather have a different size, just send the ring back and we will get you a new ring size for free. The only fee that would be charged is shipping costs. by Steven M 11/1/2013
QUESTION: I wear a size 6 on my wedding finger so would I have to get a 5 1/2 in this ring or can I get a 6? by None N 8/25/2012
STAFF ANSWER: Comfort fit rings to typically feel anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 size looser. However this difference is more dramatic on wider rings such as 8mm. This ring is 4mm wide. If you were sized with the ladies style sizer rings which are typically 2 to 3mm wide then I would stick with a size 6. If you were sized with the wider 6 - 7mm wide finger sizer rings I would recommend that you order a 5.5 size band for this black titanium ring. If you need a sizer kit we offer them on our website. The item number is Z-RFSK. by Scott M 8/28/2012
QUESTION: Are your stones conflict free? by Derek Y 5/7/2012
ANSWER: I have never had any isues with my ring. I love it just as much now as when I first saw it! fits perfect wears great. Nothing like it around here. I get a lot of compliments on how pretty it is by T O 5/10/2012
STAFF ANSWER: The diamonds we offer have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. by Scott M 5/8/2012
ANSWER: I can't answer that question, I'm only a customer and I have no idea how the diamond was originally obtained from Africa. I can tell you that the diamond is absolutely gorgeous and the customer service I received from titanium jewelry was outstanding and I definitely will be purchasing more from them in the future. Hope that helps, sorry I can't answer your question.<br />Dan by D A 5/8/2012
QUESTION: Is it possible to provide my own stone for this ring in maybe a larger size Would a 8mm or 9mm princess cut stone work in this ring? by Citicia C 2/6/2012
STAFF ANSWER: We are only able to set our own hand picked 3mm wide .16ct princess cut diamonds in this model due to the special requirements of this sort of tension set. An 8 or 9mm wide princess cut would be too large to set into a ring like this one.<br /><br />To set that large of a princess cut we would have to custom make something for you. You can contact us at the contact us page for more custom information. Please let us know if we can answer anything else for you. by Scott M 2/7/2012
QUESTION: how's the stone any good? by enrico e 12/13/2011
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, the diamond is VERY NICE! We actually hand pick the diamonds for this ring and choose only diamonds that are nice and square shape so the symmetry is good. Otherwise, the ring looks odd with a more rectangular stone.<br /><br />Also, we only choose diamonds which have exceptional clarity, which helps the diamond sparkle very nicely! And nice colorless diamonds so the contrast between the black titanium metal and the diamond is stunning! by Ron Y 12/13/2011