He Asked For My Hand with ... Scrabble Tiles

Super Cool Airplane Proposal Story I met my husband right after he came back from basic training. We became close friends and remained as such for almost a year. Through those months I fell madly in love with him. It wasn't until a year after we met that he told me that he loved me, and he always had. I was scared at first; I mean, he was my best friend and he loved me?!

The Only Way I could tell him I Loved Him

I was too nervous to actually come out and tell him I loved him too, so I gave him a handful of scrabble tiles one night and made him unscramble them-they spelled out 'I love you'. I felt silly but it was the only way I could tell him at the time.

"Will You Marry Me" Spelled Out

We dated for 11 months and then he asked for my hand...with scrabble tiles! He came home unexpectedly one weekend and asked me to check his house for him. When I got there, he had laid out a heart trail with little anecdotes regarding our relationship. The last one was behind a curtain and he was there on one knee. I looked down and he had spelled out 'will you marry me' with scrabble tiles :) I can't believe how blessed I am to have met him and even more so to get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! He is my absolute world!"

- true story by Eliya Ponder - Shawnee, OK

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