Proposal at 36,000 Feet

Super Cool Airplane Proposal Story My fiance, Jenna Haubrick, is a flight attendant and loves to travel the world. She loves everything about airplanes and flying. Last fall, I was invited by her father to join them on their family vacation to Maui this year.

The Plan

I knew I wanted to propose to Jenna on an airplane and now I had the chance! Everything was coming together perfectly. But I had to do the following first:
  • Saving up for an engagement ring (the ALLURE, BLACK TITANIUM & DIAMOND DIAGONAL RING) - which she told me months ago was the coolest ring she’d ever seen
  • Learning to play the ukulele in one week
  • Getting up enough courage to ask her dad for permission

The Big Day - complete with a ukulele!

On March 12th we all flew out of Sky Harbor International airport on our way to Maui. On the flight, I convinced all the flight attendants, and the captains in the cockpit, to help me express my love to Jenna and ask in front of the entire crew and passengers for her hand in marriage.

We reenacted the ending scenes from the movie “The Wedding Singer” where I sang over the intercom “I Want to Grow Old with You” and played the ukulele (a better match for Maui than an acoustic guitar). Halfway through the song I started walking down the aisle from the back of the plane to the seat where Jenna was sitting, revealing to the whole cabin who I was, and who I was singing to. I stopped at Jenna’s seat and finished singing the song to her, got down on one knee, and flipped my ukulele upside down to show her the words “Marry Me Please” I had painted on the back, as well as the box containing the ring. Jenna was stunned and completely surprised. Definitely a memorable experience for her.

Watch the Video

Jenna’s half sister caught the last half of the proposal on video via her cell phone, and can be viewed here:

Daniel got a fiance & doubled his rewards!

Delta Airlines was so thrilled we chose their airline to be a part of my proposal that they gave Jenna and I free drinks, headphones for the movie, doubled our rewards.

- true story by Daniel Thompson, Arizona

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