Customer Testimonials - Page 7

I just want to comment on a recent experience with your company after a purchase of a titanium ring for my son. We had some problems (received the wrong ring, difficulty with sizing) but in the end,it proved how excellent your customer service is. After all, errors can happen sometimes because we are humans.

I especially want to mention Steven Martinez and Tiffany, who have been very helpful, patient, and timely in following through. They consistently sounded genuinely kind and concerned by phone or by email. In the end, I am quite a satisfied customer and proud to recommend this company should the opportunity arise.

Delia McShane
Lawrenceville, GA


John said you called last night and I wanted to say how much I appreciate how you took our order under your wing and saw it through until mailing.

I know you must have someone who is above you that you report to. I wanted to pass along that the care and excellent customer service you have provided, exceeded our expectations. We received the ring and the third time is a charm. It is beautiful. You have turned, what could have been a nightmare, into a positive experience that we will continue to share with family and friends. We look forward to purchasing our anniversary jewelry from you in the years to come.

Thank you!
Aimee Shaaf
Green Bay, WI

I found your website informative on the properties of tungsten carbide and helpful in choosing a tungsten ring. Your pictures of rings were in high enough resolution to expose the beauty of your rings and let me see what I was buying.

I wrote an email asking about my purchase and had a response within a day. It only took 8 days from order placement until I had a new ring on my finger.

You were one of the few companies that offered a 4mm size in domed comfort fit WC rings. My wife and I wanted matching rings -- mine an 8mm and hers a 4mm. This may be an offer you would want to package to future customers. I think there would be a demand for matched "His and Hers" WC bands.

Thank you for the good service and great product!

Corbie Amarillo, TX

I recently ordered one of the Black Titanium Suspension rings for my wedding. I received my ring yesterday and needless to say it is awesome!! I have always been partial to silver rings even above gold, but the black Titanium looks unbelievable. Since I needed my ring for my wedding, a rush was put on it. I was told I should get it by the 19th for my wedding on the 22nd. Again to my surpise I had it on the 17th. Enough time for me to have a backup plan if needed. I wanted to thank you and your entire crew at Titanium Jewelry. I am very pleased with my ring and I know it will last longer than I will.
Ernie Murphy
Carterville, IL

What can I say?! They had what I wanted,(em sport ring) it came in a great box and package. The customer service was TOP notch! I wish that everyplace I shopped at paid as much attention to detail and was as customer driven as they were. I would recommend this site to ANYONE looking for a good price on Titanium jewelry. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again. In fact, when I do buy Titanium again, you can bet your bottom dollar, it'll be from them!!!
Nathan Adams
Lakewood, CA

It was a pleasure talking with you yesterday regarding my order. .. As you were checking availability of the titanium ring sizes for me, the heart bracelet caught my eye and I knew my wife would love it! I had just received my order a few minutes ago, which amazes me because we just ordered these items last night...We are in awe of your level of customer service! ...The rings are breathtakingly flawless,your patience with me to be sure the order was correct and available, was the ultimate in professionalism, and the packaging is a classy and elegant bonus touch.
When it comes to customer service and online purchases, sets a new level of excellence. I am rarely motivated to write letters like this...but could not let my total satisfaction go unmentioned...You have two new customers for most sincere thanks to you for this wonderful experience, and you truly have "the Finest Titanium and Tungsten Jewelry Available".

Bob Baranoski
Wichita, KS

Scott and Ron,
Received the titanium ring this morning, I would just like to thank you for your patience and quick response.
Your customer service was exceptional, especially by British Standards. (There is no such thing as customer service in Britain unfortunately. We expect bad service and are asked to pay through the nose for it...)

Thanks very much,
Mags McGran
Buckinghamshire, England

I believe we have concluded our quest for the perfect wedding band. The ring arrived and fit as it should. We can not thank you amply for your consideration and perseverance. We certainly look forward to dealing with you and your company in the future.
Keep up the superior service Scott!
Best regards,
Rick & Sarah
Prescott Valley, AZ

The men's bracelet I ordered was back ordered and the site did not mention that. After I placed my order online the owner of the business called me to let me know the item was back ordered. He said I would receive it at the end of the month. He was very nice and courteous.

Also the prices on the website are great! Will be buying from them again!

Stacy McCarty
Everett, WA

I received the ring today and I have to say, I am extremely happy with it!!! For you to go out and find exactly what I was looking for and to beat the competition was the best I could have hoped for.
We will definitely shop here again!!
Wendy Ekstrom
Leesburg VA

Hi Ron,
I purchased the Money Order today ($406.95)... and it will be mailed out tomorrow! :)
YIPPIE!! I'm excited to see this ring! THANKS soooo much for all your help, and patience with me. Good Customer service is hard to find these days,(especially in California)... but I can see that your company really focuses on making your customers happy!!

I will definitely refer my Brides who are still looking for their Groom's ring, to your web-site. THANK YOU.. once again, Ron!!!!

-Jodeen Sanderson
Cypress, CA

I would just like to give you my appreciation for your honesty and promptness. I called one of your sales person's, Aja, on a Tuesday. I asked her a couple of questions regarding shipping to Canada, ring sizing and your return policy. I got my finger sized on Wednesday afternoon and placed my order at 3:45pm. I couldn't believe it but my tungsten ring was delivered at 10:20am the following day (Thursday). You guys are great! Thank you very much.


Robert Artibise
Vancouver, BC Canada

Thank you for such prompt service. I received my Tungsten ring about 5 or 6 days after I placed my order. When I went to several jewelry stores they told me it would take them 3 weeks to order. Not to mention that the lowest price I could find in the stores was double and sometimes triple the cost you charged me. I would definitely refer anyone who I know to do buisiness with your company, as you have made a excellent impression on me. Your customer service, pricing, and delivery were hassle free. I loved the ring and thought the box was a nice touch as well. I wholly appreciate it.

Thanks again,

Sean O'Conner
Warwick, RI

I have shopped on many websites. Yours is far superior to any I have come across to date. So far I have purchased a couple of different styles of huggie earrings...Your designs, your service and customer support is just what I would expect from some of the elegant brick and mortar shops.

Thank you again for all you have done and will be back again in the near future.
Andrea F.
Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know we received our rings, and are extremely happy with them. I was nervous about ordering jewelry on the internet, however, you had the exact design we wanted. I called to ask a question, as was provided with excellent customer service as well.

Thanks for making it a great experience.

Diana Collier
Stillwater, OK

I want to sincerely thank you for all your help with the purchase of my husbands wedding band. It was a pleasure speaking to you and having someone so nice and helpful put me at ease especially with the fact that I am in another country and would not be seeing the ring until I arrived in the States for the wedding.

The ring is absolutely stunning and he gets so many comments on it. I have been meaning to thank you for a long time now and time just gets away from me. Once again, thank you!

Karen Rooth