Scuba Diving Marriage Proposal


Scuba Diving Proposal


Ria and I started scuba diving on our first trip together to the Bahamas in 2012. We met another couple there and on the second night of our vacay, they got engaged on stage - I was amazed. I knew when I did it that I wanted Ria to be as surprised as that girl on stage was. I batted around thousands of ideas that were either unpractical or already been done hundreds of times.

Since scuba diving is so special to both of us and diving puts you into a new world, it seemed like the best place to ask her. Ria had said before that Cozumel has some of the best diving ever so I knew that I would do it there.


And now, what kind of ring would I get? After countless quotes and rings looked at I got a hint dropped that there was a Nightmare Before Christmas engagement ring set. Ria has everything Nightmare Before Christmas from decals on her car to a head-to-toe wardrobe. Now the trouble of finding a 20-year-old collectors ring that's in new condition.... I didn't want any rings that the original owners had broke up - bad karma. So I found one and had to quiz the previous owner on their story of the rings and condition before I purchased it.
Underwater proposal


I knew I would like to go down on one knee if conditions allowed. And my scuba gear needed an extra touch of class I thought, so I bought a bowtie! I thought of different ideas on how to ask her with hand signals, writing something on an underwater slate, etc. Then I thought a laminated sign will do the trick underwater!

When we arrived in Cozumel, I asked the dive staff for their input and was advised that our second dive would be better for the proposal as our first one was a Deep Dive on a wall at 40 meters! The instructor suggested that we do it at the end of the second dive, just before our safety stop. Hiding the ring on my pinky finger and hoping that Ria wouldn't see it, my nerves started kicking in big time! I was following Ria around waiting for a good spot to do it and after what felt like an eternity later, we finally made it to a break in the reef with a sandy bottom that I knew was THE spot.



I knelt in the sand, deflated my BDC and pulled Ria down to me. I was kind of at a loss for words so it was a good thing I wrote them down! My laminated "Will you marry me?" sign shocked Ria for a few seconds and I flashed her the scuba diving signal for "okay?" She gave it back, nodding and smiling around her regulator. We tried to kiss ( this is really hard underwater!) and fistbumped our fellow dive buddies! After that we both wanted the dive to be over, seemed like we had been underwater forever and I couldn't wait to get to the surface and kiss Ria right. We swam the rest of the dive holding hands, made it through the safety stop (longest 3 minutes EVER!) and climbed back on the boat to the clapping of the dive crew!


This was all Chris's doing, I was TOTALLY flabbergasted. I didn't know anything about it. It's really hard to cry underwater (your mask fogs up!) so I made sure I only teared up a little! Needless to say the best dive vacation ever!

Watch The Video - (it's a tear tearjerker)

One of the guys on the scuba trip happened to have a underwater video camera and caught part of Chris's proposal! Just beautiful.

Watch it here:

Will you Marry me??? from Pädy Grossmann on Vimeo.

Proposal Story of Rita and Chris

- true story by Ria Rowe and Chris Willey from Flin Flon, Manitoba