Move over Gold & Platinum - There's a Hot New Metal for Mens Wedding Rings

Note: This release was posted to news sites and picked up by men's fashion newsletters. Written by Ron Yates, founder of, the information below has proved useful in men's search for a wedding band.

Men are increasingly choosing alternative metals for their wedding rings. Jewelers across America report there is a trend for younger, (and younger at heart) men to purchase wedding bands made of tungsten carbide.

(PRWEB) June 18, 2006 -- Hip, young, men are increasingly choosing so called alternative metals for their jewelry. While their fathers wear 14kt gold or the more expensive platinum, the Generation X'ers are gravitating in large numbers to tungsten carbide, titanium, carbon fiber, stainless steel and other unique alternative metals.

For rings, including wedding bands, the most popular trend right now is to purchase tungsten carbide. This composite metal is new to the jewelry industry, but has been used for decades in machine shops around the world. Chad Anderson, of Heavy Stone Rings, a manufacturer in Orem, UT, says, "We've seen the demand for tungsten carbide rings grow exponentially the past couple of years. Jewelry stores are telling us that where customers never heard of tungsten carbide rings just a year or so ago, now guys come in asking for these rings. The growth has been tremendous and we don't see an end in sight."

There are many benefits to choosing a tungsten carbide men’s wedding ring. The biggest advantage is that tungsten carbide is rock hard. (Actually harder than rocks – except diamonds.) Tungsten carbide is between 8.5 and 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale, so it is virtually unscratchable. Imagine wearing a ring that always keeps it’s original shine! Unheard of before, but a reality in todays men’s ring market.

Another advantage to tungsten carbide rings is the affordable price. Most men’s platinum rings are now selling for upwards of $2,000 or more, and they look very worn in short time. White gold rings turn a off-white/yellowish color and scratch easily. However, tungsten carbide rings are available for less than $200 and keep their new look forever.

The other selling point is style. The look and feel of a tungsten carbide ring appeals to many fashion conscious shoppers. These tungsten rings are very heavy and masculine. They have a cool steely color to them. Many of the tungsten carbide rings are inlaid with white gold, platinum, and diamonds. Young men, and the young of heart, are drawn to these rings. They are modern looking, bold, masculine and attention grabbing. For sure, they are not your father’s wedding ring!

Below are some pointers from Ron Yates, founder of, when choosing a tungsten carbide ring:

1. Make sure the ring is "tungsten carbide", not plain tungsten. Plain tungsten, while it is a hard material, scratches much easier than tungsten carbide.

2. Make sure there is no cobalt in the ring. Many low priced manufacturers from China use cobalt as a binder. Cobalt reacts to the body’s chemistry and small white spots develop on the ring, which cannot be removed. Most of the bargain basement tungsten rings offered on the internet are of this type.

3. Tungsten carbide rings cannot be sized. Make sure the retailer has a lifetime size exchange in case you gain (heaven forbid) or lose weight. Most designer brands of tungsten rings offer this warranty.

4. Similarly to a diamond, a tungsten carbide ring is incredibly hard, but also brittle. Should you drop your ring on a hard flooring surface it may crack. Make sure that the retailer has a lifetime free replacement policy to warranty against possible damage.

5. Have fun shopping for your cool new tungsten carbide ring and choose one that matches your personality. And take pride in knowing that you can wear it forever!

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