History of Mens Wedding Bands

Who knows when human beings first began to wear rings? Archeologists have uncovered clues that indicate even early cave dwellers wore some sort of rings to decorate themselves.

wedding bands on cake

Ancient tombs and hieroglyphics confirm the Egyptians wore and held rings in high regard as far back as 4000 years ago. With a few notable exceptions, it has only been fairly recently in time that men have worn wedding bands. Until the 20th century, the custom in most parts of the world was for women alone to wear wedding bands. The reason for this dates to the days of antiquity. Roman brides were required to wear betrothal rings. These rings were symbols of the transfer of property from the bride's family to her husband. (Sorry ladies!)

It's not like men haven't worn rings throughout history for other purposes. It's clear that through the centuries, rings have been worn to adorn and commemorate significant contracts and milestones. They've also been worn to signify status, wealth and power.

History of Men's Wedding Bands Infographic