Heavy Stone Rings - Made in USA

Why Heavy Stone Rings?

  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.
  • Family Owned
  • Award Winning Designer Rings
  • Lifetime Warranty

Designer: Chad Anderson

About Heay Stone RingsIn 2001 Chad Anderson started Heavy Stone Rings and first began making contemporary metals rings and selling them to local jewelry stores in Utah. Because of the high quality of his rings, Chad's business grew rapidly and jewelry stores across the U.S. began carrying the Heavy Stone Rings collection of tungsten rings. Chad has an extensive background in contemporary metals manufacturing which made for a successful transition into the jewelry industry.

Chad has an insatiable desire to create new advanced wedding band styles using latest technologies. He and his small team are constantly pushing the envelope, developing and perfecting new methods of manufacturing modern and cutting edge jewelry, with an emphasis on mens wedding bands.

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