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Formed eons ago, meteorite literally come from the heavens, flying down at an estimated speed of 7 miles per second. (Yes, that's what the experts say!) As it cools from it's super-heated state, at an unbelievably slow rate over millions of years, it forms a unique and beautiful crystalline structure. This crystalline pattern of molecules is what gives meteorite its characteristic look and feel. Nothing formed on earth is quite like it.

Gibeon meteorite
Our meteorite rings use only authentic Gibeon meteorite. The Gibeon meteorite is what most experts consider the finest meteorite for jewelry. It is also one of the most expensive because of it's qualities and limited availability. This meteorite is special because of it's higher than usual Nickel content. This is especially important as meteorite is primarily composed of Iron. And Iron rusts quickly under any exposure to moisture and time. However, the Nickel content provides a natural resistance to rust. Gibeon meteorite exhibits wonderful Widmanstatten pattern.

Gibeon meteorite comes from Nimibia, Africa. It fell to earth in pre-historic times. Some geologists say it's 4 billion years old. Incredible.

What is it made of?
Gibeonite consists mainly of an iron-nickel alloy, with other trace elements such as cobalt and phosphorus. We like to think of it as "space steel".

Care of Meteorite
Gibeon Meteorite, (unlike many other types of meteorite) is naturally resistant to corrosion. However, some care must still be taken to keep the meteorite dry and away from prolonged exposure to moisture, especially salt water and chemicals. A high-tech oil product developed in the avionics industry is used to seal the meteorite and can be reapplied at any time to maintain the maximum protection from rust. Some meteorite collectors commonly use gun oil, or similar oil, as an inexpensive alternative to protecting the meteorite.

It is advised that you wear your ring continuously as the natural oils in your hands protect the iron from discoloring. If some discoloration does occur, you can use CLR, a common cleaner sold at hardware and home improvement stores, to clean the meteorite.

Can the etched finish be reapplied?
With heavy use or years of wear, the etched pattern on the Gibeonite may become subdued. If this happens the ring needs to be repolished and etched. Please contact us to send the ring back and we will do this free of charge. You only pay for shipping.

Want a custom meteorite ring?
Give us call or email. We would love to work with you and create a custom meteorite ring just for you!

The meteorite inlays are available in a variety of metals, including Titanium, Black Zirconium, Cobalt Chrome, Damascus and Gold.

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