About Edward Mirell Jewelry

About Edward MirellEdward Mirell is the world leader in contemporary titanium jewelry design and manufacturing. Founded by Eddie Rosenberg, holder of multiple jewelry patents. Edward Mirell was brought forth as the jewelry brand for Spectore Corporation. Spectore, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, creates, engineers and manufacturers titanium products for many varied industries.

All Edward Mirell jewelry is manufactured at the 40,000 square foot facility in South Florida - right here in the U.S. The same technology used in manufacturing parts for the Space Shuttle and precision medical implants is now available for the jewelry industry.

Edward Mirell, is noted for it's complex designs featuring the patented Black Ti (patent held by it's parent company, Spectore Corp.) and gray titanium. The Edward Mirell Collection is the world's finest collection of titanium jewelry. It is recognized as the standard by which all titanium jewelry is compared.

Edward Mirell Gray Titanium
Gray Titanium
Edward Mirell uses only commercially pure gray titanium as it is not only hypoallergenic, but also bio compatible. All EM designs are created with titanium certified with a purity exceeding 99%.

Edward Mirell Black Titanium
Black Ti
Black Titanium was created by the parent company, Spectore Corp, and is the material used in Edward Mirell's black titanium designs. The material is a proprietary alloy that goes through an atomic transformation at the molecular level to become as hard as ceramic. It is not an applied coating. The titanium turns black from the outside in by exposing the element to extreme heat.

Edward Mirell Timoku

An extraordinary material! The name was derived by combining the term Mokume Gane with the atomic symbol for titanium, Ti. The process involves layering thin sheets of black and gray titanium and exposing them to extreme heat and pressure. This causes the layers to fuse together rather than melt. Timoku is unlike any other jewelry material available.

Edward Mirell Black Titanium Cable

Black Cable
Some of the most attention grabbing designs incorporate Black Titanium Cable. The cable is considered a memory alloy, since it maintains a predetermined shape and profile. The cable is made up of 74 strands of titanium wire that half a soft feel. There are many low grade reproductions coming from China, but they don't stand up to the same quality standards.

Edward Mirell Factory
Edward Mirell's manufacturing facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida.