About Fancy Color Enhanced Diamonds

Why choose a color enhanced diamond?

Natural fancy colored diamonds, such as blues, intense yellows and pinks, are very rare and just too expensive for the average person. Thanks to modern technology, you can now own a vibrant colored genuine diamond at an affordable price.

What is a color enhanced diamond?

A genuine diamond goes through a high-energy electron saturation to alter the color of the stone. Vibrant hues of yellow, blue, green, red and pink are available. The color is permanent and does not fade over time. The process and diamonds are 100% safe. They do not require any special maintenance and you will enjoy their color for a lifetime.

The irradiation process retains the transparency and the brilliance of the original diamond. Only the color is changed.

The colors we commonly use are a lovely aqua blue and intense yellow. If you would like a different color, please give us a call. We are here to help!

What do they cost?

The prices of color enhanced diamonds are a fraction of what naturally fancy colored diamonds cost. And their colors are far more saturated and vibrant.

Cut and clarity are not compromised with our color-enhanced diamonds. Many jewelers, especially through online auctions, use poorly cut stones when selling color enhanced. But those just don't sparkle! You will appreciate our colored diamonds since they will dazzle and scintillate. (We are PICKY, which is good for you.)

These round diamonds are offered in sizes from .10 carat to over 1 carat.

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