WARREN Ring is featured on Father’s Day Gift Idea List

Many beloved mothers own a Mothers Ring. These cherished rings usually feature the birthstones of the mother’s children set into it. Sometimes the ring will also include the birthstone of the mother and the father as well. For decades, the Mothers Ring has been a popular gift item that the father and kids have surprised mom with. Any mom who has received one will tell you how much she values this sentimental gift!

But what about the dads out there? Why should they be left out? Over the years, I have helped many folks create their own custom Fathers Ring. And I can tell you that these men have treasured their ring.


The Warren Ring - Customizable Ring

The Warren Ring

For our customers we created the Warren,a customize-able ring with round gemstones set into it. It’s brand new but the initial response to it’s design has been encouraging. The Warren makes a great Fathers Ring and has been featured in a Father’s Day Gift Idea List.

RebateZone.com, a popular coupon and discount deals sharing website, created the gift list to help their readers find the perfect gift for ole dad. Here’s the full list: www.RebatesZone.com/Fathers-Day-Gift-Ideas.(You might want to click over there and snatch up some of their coupons too.)

Design your own wedding band

You Design It Your Way

The Warren ring, named after my wife’s adventurous father (whom I believe fish really do fear him), is available in several different metals. You can choose from titanium, cobalt chrome, black zirconium, 14K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

You can also choose which gemstones you want " pretty much any gemstone can be used. Popular choices are: diamond, black diamond, champagne diamond, ruby, sapphire, amethyst and emerald. Make it your way! The ring is pictured with three gemstones but we can make this ring with anywhere from one stone to seven stones.

One of the joys of helping people with jewelry is to create one of a kind pieces, just for them. We love helping folks take an idea and turning it into a wearable piece of art. An original treasure that has long lasting emotional attachment. This is seldom seen nowadays with the proliferation of mass produced jewelry. So why not make your ring a one of a kind masterpiece? Let us help you.


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