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Meteorite Rings are out of this world!

Gibeon Meteorite I purchased a meteorite ring from and couldn't be happier...ring looks even better than it did on the website. I had a minor issue with the ring months after I bought it, and I have never received more attentive, helpful customer service from any company. I don't normally write reviews, but I am so impressed by these folks (from the product quality to the customer service) that I had to sing their praises. Thanks! - Gregory Milneck, Flushing, NY

These Meteorite Rings are hand made here in the USA - with the absolutely finest quality we have seen. They are made with exclusive Gibeon Meteorite which has the most dramatic natural patterns. Imagine wearing a 4 billion year old star on your finger. Not many people have even seen a meteorite in person. Now you can wear one!!!

For guys looking for something unique, these meteorite wedding bands are more literally out of this world! The meteorite's pattern is attention grabbing and has a texture unlike any other material. (After all, wouldn't it be nice to have a wedding band that isn't like everyone else's?!) You'll find yourself talking about your ring to all who see it.

We've helped many guys create a custom design with meteorite. If you can dream it up, we can help make it a reality. Imagine, your own design on your finger using billion year old meteorite. Choose cobalt, zirconium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold. Let's make it happen.   Learn about Gibeon meteorite rings less
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Quick Meteorite Facts:
  • Very rare material
  • Over 4 billion years old
  • Unique Widmanstätten pattern
  • Composition - Iron (90%), Nickel (8%), Cobalt, Phosphorus
Meteorite Ring Care Info You purchased a beautiful and rare meteorite wedding band. Now you need to keep it looking good. A few things you need to know about meteorite. It's composed mainly of iron. Iron, when exposed to moisture, can rust and oxidize. Avoid getting your meteorite ring wet if possible. Washing your hands is ok, but avoid doing the dishes (guys - this is your new excuse!), and long lingering baths with your ring on.

Avoid getting any sort of acid or chemicals on your meteorite ring, such as bleach, household cleaning products, chlorine, etc. Stay out of the swimming pool, salt water and hot tub with your ring on. Be careful making your margarita as citrus has citric acid which could spot your meteorite.

What to do if your meteorite ring oxidizes?
To remove the oxidation, you can soak your ring in a baking soda and water solution to neutralize the chemical that caused the oxidation. Also, the product CLR (available at all hardware stores and some grocery stores) works well. Put some on the oxidation spot and scrub this area until it is gone. Rinse the ring well. Then soak it in rubbing alcohol for at least 10 minutes. Dry it off, then use your blow dryer to get out any remaining moisture. The last step is to oil your meteorite ring. You can use gun oil or WD-40. These oils eventually evaporate so you should re-oil your ring every few months. It's quick and easy. How to care for your Meteorite ring

Treat your meteorite ring like you would any other fine piece of jewelry. Don't do yard work, automotive work, house cleaning, construction or other similar activities with your meteorite ring on. This will keep it from getting needlessly abused.

Over time the Widmanstatten pattern will lose some of its detail. Simply return the ring to us and we will re-etch it for free. You just pay the shipping.

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