Junior High Play Leads to Wedding

Proposal Story of David Chin

The early years

I first met Merri in 1981 in Junior High, when we were in a play, where I was the judge. And I almost held Merri in contempt of court. (Now, I tease her and say I just wanted to get her in my chambers...) We became good friends in high school as we were both active in the music program. Although we liked each other, we didn't date, but we DID go to my Prom together. I wooed her and sent her flowers, but she turned me down in favor of another! Then, she broke up with that guy and moved to New Hampshire for college.

I found Merri 18 years later

After high school we had went our separate ways. Then, one day, 18 years later in 2008, I got curious and found Merri's (practically blank) profile on a social media site. There wasn't even a picture on it. I took a chance and emailed her. She replied back and we met in Boston and spent the day together.

We immediately knew we were meant for each other

That day in Boston we spent together was amazing. We had chatted as easily as we did back in the school cafeteria in Junior High. We immediately knew that we were meant for each other. Turns out neither of us had ever married. Merri saved all the cards and letters I sent to her, and I saved all of hers.
Proposal Story of David Chin So in 2009, I proposed with a titanium and diamond tension set ring (from Titanium-Jewelry.com), and we got married on 10-10-10. (I got my wedding ring from them too.) I came up with the idea to incorporate Merri's prom dress into our wedding (to wrap her bouquet, etc.). The above prom picture was also turned into a magnet as one of our wedding favors. Then, we sealed the deal later that week with 'Elvis' in Vegas on our honeymoon. Merri's twin brother swears that he predicted we would get together in high school watching us walk down the hallways together.

The Moral of the Story

Just goes to show, you could meet the love of your life in junior high, so tell your kids to play nice!
Proposal Story of David Chin

- true story by David Chin of Attleboro, Massachusetts

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