How to Size Your Ring Finger

How To Size Your Finger. Tips You Need to Know.

We realize how frustrating it is to order a ring only to have it arrive and it doesn't fit right. And not everybody wants to go into a jewelry store to get sized and then have to put up with pushy sales people.

So we are here to help you get the right size the first time. Follow these steps below and you'll have a better fitting ring the first time! Any questions, give us a holler.

1. Watch Sizing Video

2. Read these tips:

* Size After Five: Your joints swell as the day goes on, so be sure to measure your finger at the end of the day, not the first thing in the morning. And for fingers that swell often or easily, we suggest a modern width. Not one that is overly wide as it may become uncomfortable when your finger swells.

* Donít Knock the Knuckles: Knuckle size and finger size can sometimes be very different, but don't forget to factor in your knuckles when considering a fit. Taking a ring off should never be a painful (or impossible!) process. Also, big knuckles can often mean larger hands. Consider a ring in a dark metal with a more substantive look.

* Twist to Know: The right size should have to twist once or twice to get it off the knuckle; otherwise, your ring will fall off when it's wet. Hands do change, but don't hesitate to get the best fit for your finger today.

*Is the ring comfort fit: Most of our rings are comfort fit meaning the inside of the ring (next to the finger) is domed shaped. This means that only the center part of the ring will be tight against the flesh. For example, an 8mm wide ring that is comfort fit will have about 3mm of metal that is tight against the finger. So for comfort fit rings it is important to use a narrow finger sizer. Most jewelers have a wide finger sizer (about 6.5mm) and a narrower one (about 3.0mm). Use the narrower one for a more accurate fit.

3. Order your $2.99 sizer and get it delivered to your home


If you get properly sized and your ring still does not fit correctly don't despair. We will happily do a size exchange for you.

What if your finger size changes over time and your ring doesn't fit? No worries. We got you covered.
Check out our 5 Year Sizing Program.