How To Remove A Titanium Ring That Is Stuck On Your Finger

Cutting off ring finger

Do NOT cut your finger off!

So the other day someone on our Facebook page wrote Stay away from titanium rings. If something happens to your mans finger, they cant cut the metal! They have to cut his finger off. Seriously? What a horrible scenario!

I’msure this lady’s comment was motivated by true concern for folks. But there seems to be some serious misinformation out there. ”Cut his finger off”? This is an alarmist statement and is not accurate.

Yes, rings do get stuck on people’s hands. We gain weight and our finger size gets larger. Our cartilage continues to grow throughout our lifetime so our knuckles get bigger hindering your ring from coming off easily. You may get your ring finger injured and it swells up. Or you get an allergic reaction to a spider, bee, wasp or other insect bit.

Titanium ring stuck on finger

My titanium ring is stuck!!

In all the above situations your titanium ring can get stuck. So what to do? Here are some suggestions to refer to.

  1. Don’t panic. If you panic you are likely to make the situation worse.
  2. Raise your arm up in the air for a few minutes. This allows the blood to drain from the ring finger, thus reducing swelling.
  3. Use a lubricant. Try olive oil, melted butter, petroleum jelly or something similar. Some jewelers have even recommended Preparation H (or any brand of hemorrhoid cream as it reduces swelling and softens the skin.)After applying the lubricant, dont just pull on the ring. Rock it back and forth.
  4. Try Windex – the alcohol in it can reduce swelling, so Ive been told.
  5. Ice your finger down. Ice reduces swelling.
  6. Use the dental floss technique. Yes, this actually works! Heres a good instructional video showing how its done. heres a video a guy took whose ring was stuck and hasnt been off his finger in 10 years.

A lot of people think that doctors will automatically cut their rings off when they go to the emergency room. However, some doctors employ a stuck ring removal similar to the dental floss method. Heres a great video of a Dr. Simon Carley who works at an emergency care center in Manchester, England. He says never cut a ring off. Check his video out:

Electric ring cutter

Electric ring cutter

If all else fails, then you should seek medical attention. This should be a last resort because in most every case the ring can be removed by applying the above recommendations. But if you find yourself at the emergency room, these medical professionals have the tools to cut through titanium.

There are several tools available, rotary cutters like jewelers use and also specialized ring cutters. The titanium ring will need to be cut on opposing sides so when cut it will fall into 2 pieces. And make sure they use some sort of lubricant to speed up the cutting process.

Hopefully, you will never be in this position. But if you ever find yourself with a stuck titanium ring apply these tips to get your ring off.

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