Cassandra Proposes to Her Man

Woman Proposes To Man Story It was Christmas day 2006. And I was ready to do it. What you may ask? Propose to the guy I knew I loved!

Not Fair I Say

I think it is ridiculous that girls get to wear a big fat diamond for several months before the wedding - and guys wore nothing. So, we had been ring shopping and I noticed that he adored this Titanium swirl wedding ring. So, I secretly bought it and was ready for the big day.

I Even Asked His Father...

Yes, I even asked his father for his hand in marriage, and he consented. When the day came to propose, I wasn’t nervous, just really excited. On Christmas day after giving him his gifts, I had one left. It was a proposal I had written out and framed. I gave it to him as his last gift.

You Crazy Woman!

When he read the framed proposal out loud and figured out what was happening, he said, “Of course I’ll marry you, you crazy woman!”. I presented him with the Titanium ring and he couldn’t have been happier. Neither could I.

Moral of The Story

If you want something, go out and get it. Don't wait for it to come to you. I knew it was him I wanted, so why should I wait? The rest is happy history with 4 years of awesome marriage and a beautiful 2 year old daughter. Life couldn’t be better!

- true story by Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic of Connecticut

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