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Edward Mirell is the leading designer of titanium and other modern metals mens wedding bands! Ed Rosenberg, founder and chief designer at Edward Mirell, pioneered the use of titanium as a metal of choice for jewelry and developed the proprietary material Black Ti. Combining precious metals with the contemporary metals creates a unique look.

TEMPLAR Titanium Ring 8mm by Edward Mirell
by Edward Mirell
Titanium Ring

$160.00 $215.00
Edward Mirell Black Titanium Faceted Ring
by Edward Mirell
Black Titanium

$275.00 $375.00
Black Titanium Ridged Band by Edward Mirell
Black Ti Domed Band

by Edward Mirell

$165.00 $225.00
EM Tuxedo Ring
EM Tuxedo Ring
by Edward Mirell

$189.00 $215.00
5 star rated
Titanium has many benefits. It is hypo-allergenic, lightweight but yet incredibly strong, is non reactive and has even been to the moon and back! Edward Mirell, the brainchild of Ed Rosenberg, is a pioneer in contemporary metals jewelry. Located in Deerfield Beach, FL Edward Mirell is a rarity - a jewelry designer/manufacturer that actually makes the jewelry in the United States!

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