Edward Mirell Bracelets

Edward Mirell, the leader and innovator of Titanium Jewelry, designs the most fashionable titanium bracelets in the world. Yes, that's a strong statement. But it's true. The founder Ed Rosenberg is known for his cutting edge styles, modern metallurgy and advanced technology to create spectacular pieces. The same technology that went into creating NASA space shuttles creates attention grabbing jewelry. Yet, these bracelets are affordable. All pieces are manufactured in South Florida.
We Recommend...
EDWARD MIRELL 4mm Black Titanium Cable Bracelet
Black Ti Cable
by Edward Mirell

$375.00 $410.00
5 star rated
Ladies Titanium Heart Bracelet
Women'sTitanium Heart Bracelet
by Edward Mirell

$175.00 $225.00
5 star rated

Customer rating for Edward Mirell Bracelets by Titanium Jewelry: 5 of 5 based on 30 customer reviews.