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Azul: blue in Portuguese. The Azul Collection by Edward Mirell offers a fresh, modern take on the typical titanium ring. The name derives from the Portuguese word for blue, "azul." These black anodized titanium bands feature grooved blue accents that really make each design pop. The carved features are set off by blue anodizing available in a variety of designs that range from classic Celtic styles to familiar tribal and striped patterns. These rings are popular as occasional accessories for men, though they are also a truly unique option if you want a stand-out wedding band. Click to Read More.

Made by titanium ring pioneer Edward Mirell, the bands in the Azul Collection combine the best of classic ring design with modern techniques. These rings are incredibly durable thanks to the use of black anodized titanium, one of the strongest metals used in jewelry design. Modern innovations are used to create the blue anodized accents, ensuring that these delicate designs won't fade over time. Find your perfect titanium ring fit by browsing this unique wedding band collection for men.

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