Do Tungsten Rings Break?

We get asked this question a lot, “do tungsten rings break?” And the simple answer is yes they can break, and sometimes they do. Tungsten, white gold and diamond ring

One of my biggest pet peeves is deceptive advertising. Some websites out there sour it for us honest guys in the business when they tell these lies. Here’s one big lie for you: Your tungsten ring is indestructible.Hogwash! Tungsten rings can break. A reputable jeweler will come right out and explain that to you like I am right now.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you that tungsten rings can break when I sell tungsten rings. Good question. The reason is you deserve full disclosure. Yes, our website sells tons of tungsten rings. Guys really like them. Nearly everything existing has positive aspects and negative ones as well – and tungsten rings are no different.

First the positives

Tungsten carbide is probably the hardest substance used for rings, I’m not aware of anything harder that is being used to manufacture wedding bands. Are you familiar with the Moh’s Hardness Scale? It ranks material hardness from 1 (softest) to a 10 (hardest). Well, diamonds (the hardest gemstone known to man) rank a 10. (No surprise right?) Tungsten ranks between 8 and 9, so it’s right up there on the scale.

This super hardness is why tungsten takes a permanent polish and is very hard to scratch. You have probably seen the videos on youtube of folks taking a metal file to a tungsten ring. Just going to town on the ring, wiping it off, and then inspecting the ring for scratches and there are none. It’s very difficult to scratch a tungsten ring. That’s why guys like tungsten rings and wedding bands – because of their superior scratch resistance. Guys in hands-on trades like mechanics love tungsten rings because they stand up to plenty of metal to metal contact all day.

Why Do Tungsten Rings Break?

However, what makes tungsten rings so scratch resistant also makes them brittle. The harder a material is, the more brittle it also is. Just like a diamond, the hardest material on earth, won’t scratch (except by another diamond) it can break, chip and shatter. Same with a tungsten ring. Just like a diamond, this super hard material is not indestructible under extreme force. But they do stand up to normal wear and tear very well. Broken Tungsten Ring

Ok, so back to my main point. Now you know tungsten rings can break and you understand why they can break. Listen, nobody is perfect. If you throw your hands up at a Super Bowl party and your ring goes flying across the room and out a tenth floor window, it’s going to shatter when it hits the pavement below. Well that may be a bit extreme. But, let’s say you are on a ladder and drop your ring on a concrete or tile floor. It could chip or break. ( But if you dropped a platinum or gold ring like that it would be damaged as well.) Either way, we’ve got you covered!If this happens to your ring you can send it to us for a free replacement. We’ve worked a deal out with our manufacturers where they will replace any broken tungsten free of charge. But you have to cover the shipping costs to get the ring to you.

shattered tungsten ring

Shattered Tungsten Ring

So be careful when shopping for a tungsten ring. Buying it on a discount site like amazon you won’t get this warranty. We’ve been selling tungsten rings for a long time. And we’ve had to replace a fair number of them. It comes with the territory and it’s the right thing to do. But it is a small percentage of rings that have been sent in for replacement – about 2-3%.

Why do I take the time to explain (my wife would say rant) about tungsten rings breaking? Because I’m in this for the long haul. I want to be your all-occasion jeweler for a long time. And my team and I are willing to roll out the red carpet for you. This includes educating you to make the best choices when you purchase your jewelry. Give us a try. Here is a link to check out our tungsten rings.

Not to talk you out of tungsten rings, but if you are interested in a very durable, pure white wedding band, that will never break, then check out our cobalt rings. They are hypo-allergenic also. Look like platinum. But priced like tungsten.

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