Discontinued Items

These are items which have been discontinued by the manufacturers. We are sorry to see them go. But it opens up opportunities for new designs!
COGE Square Palladium Ring
Palladium Square Band
by Coge

COGE 5mm Palladium Wedding Band
5mm Palladium Band
by Coge

$695.00 $1,395.00
3 star rated
Palladium Flat Step Edge Band
Palladium Flat Step Edge Band
by Coge

$875.00 $1,750.00
Black Diamond Drop Necklace by belloria
Women'sBlack Diamond Drop Necklace
by Belloria

$499.00 $675.00
Edward Mirell Timoku Diamond Necklace
Women'sTimoku Diamond Necklace
by Edward Mirell

$749.00 $1,188.00

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