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For the warrior inside every modern man.   Our Damascus Steel Rings are made utilizing the ancient Middle Eastern metal working methods that were used to make the famous Damascus Swords. This centuries-old technique results in a ring that is captivating and extremely handsome with its layers of compressed metal. Damascus Steel, along with it's masculine beauty, is tough, durable and ready for rugged wear. Each ring is handmade, here in the U.S.
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Important - these rings cannot be re-sized. So you need to be 100% sure of finger size.
Before you order, watch this video: how to size his finger for a Lashbrook ring.
Damascus & 18K Gold Ring
Damascus & 18K Gold Ring
by Lashbrook Designs

$1,810.00 $2,172.00


Important - watch this to know how to size his finger correctly. These rings are not re-sizable.
So we need the accurate finger size when you place your order.
We recommend that you contact us and we will mail you some Lashbrook ring sizers.

Damascus steel is most commonly associated with the legendary swords first crafted in the Middle East. But the strength and style of this metal isn�t reserved for weapons any longer. Today, Damascus steel wedding rings are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends. Men in particular seem to love the captivating look and tough, durable qualities of these wedding bands. After all, if this metal was strong enough to be used by some of the most famous swords ever created, why wouldn�t you want a Damascus steel wedding band that�s sure to hold up to the test of time?

It�s not just the strength of Damascus steel that sets it apart in the jewelry industry, however. It�s also the unique style that this metal displays. There is an imbedded ripple in any Damascus steel ring that makes it utterly amazing to look at while ensuring that no two rings are exactly the same. This pattern isn�t laser-drilled or etched into the surface. Instead, it is created through pattern-welding, which involves forging and laminating sheets of steel exhibiting different levels of carbon content. When the layers are combined, it delivers a beautiful striped effect with light and dark bands. This stylish and unique look is great for men who want their wedding band to stand out in a sea of plain gold and silver wedding rings.

Because Damascus steel is linked to a long-standing tradition, it suits men who have an interest in history, weaponry or any related subject areas. However, Damascus steel engagement rings and wedding rings also work for guys who simply appreciate that these rings look different from anything they�ve seen before. Others will love these rings because they�re durable enough to withstand any adventure or rugged activity. Regardless of why you choose a Damascus steel band, you�ll get a great price along with a 5 year warranty when you order yours from Titanium Jewelry.

How Our Damascus Steel Rings Are Made:
  • Made in the USA.
    Your Damascus ring will be hand made here in the U.S. Each ring is made one at a time, as they are ordered. These are not the lower quality mass produced rings you see on amazon and other low end jewelry sites.

  • Each Damascus ring is unique.
    No two rings will be identical. Sorry, can't do it. It's the nature of the material. The multiple layers of folded steel create a fluid pattern. Much like two fingerprints, (even from identical twins), will not be identical, Damascus steel patterns vary. This is the nature of Damascus steel and what adds to it's organic and artistic appeal.

  • How The Pattern Comes About
    Our Damascus Steel is a marriage of different kinds of stainless steel. One will be a softer steel and the other a harder steel. The two types of steel are fused together at extremely high temperatures, then gets hammered from a 1,000 hammering machine to fold different patterns in the steel. It is then shaped into a single solid bar.

    From that bar, each Damascus ring is then cut out. The ring then goes into an acid bath. The acid attacks the softer steel layers bringing the pattern to life. Depending upon the ring, it can then go through an oxidation or blackening process.

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